5 Ways to Strengthen Your Mother/Daughter Relationship

Published Date 10/13/2013
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Is your mom your best friend? If not, is it something you want to work towards?

The bond between mothers and daughters naturally weakens as girls get older. During the teen and young adult years, many girls pull away from their parents as they struggle to create their own identities. If you feel your relationship weakening, try these strategies for strengthening the bond and staying close to your daughter.

Make a Regular Date
As girls start to build busy social lives of their own, family time often falls to the wayside. Make plans to get together with your daughter regularly to prevent those lengthy lapses where life gets in the way of real bonding time. If your daughter still lives at home, go out for ice cream or dinner once a week. With older children you may have to settle for a time every other week or once a month. If distance is a problem, make a Skype date or phone date to catch up.

Ask the Right Questions
Spark deep conversations with your daughter by asking open ended questions that can't be answered with a yes or no. Instead of asking "did you have a good day?" try "what's the best thing that happened today?" Replace "did you like the movie?" with "how did you feel about that movie?" When you hit on an interesting topic, explore it together. Use a dream analyzer to see what a vivid dream meant and talk about the interpretation together. These meaningful conversations will help you really get to know one another.

Plan Special Getaways Together
Once or twice a year make the effort to plan a special mother/daughter getaway. Go to a spa for some pampering, take a camping trip to get away from it all, or go on a marathon shopping trip to New York City. Take turns planning the event so you each get to explore the other's interests.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
As daughters get older, those childhood experiences that once meant so much are often forgotten. Put a new spark in your mother/daughter relationship by planning a trip down memory lane. Look at scrapbooks together, plan a picnic to a park that was a childhood favorite, or have a movie night of classic films the family used to love. These activities help you remember why you mean so much to one another.

Explore the Future Together
Daughters often distance themselves from parents because they're struggling to find their own adult identities. You can secure your place in her adult life by supporting her journey. Get a tarot reading together and discuss what her cards meant, offering lots of support for her interpretation and the goals she has for her life. Resist the temptation to guide her in your preferred direction and simply help her to pursue her own path.

The more time and effort you put into this relationship, the more you'll get in return. Nurture your mother/daughter relationship regularly to create a strong lifelong bond.

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