5 Ways to Stop Being So Shy

Published Date 3/28/2014
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It's time to get out of your shell.

Shyness comes in varying degrees, ranging from slightly bashful to debilitating shyness. If you're so shy that you can't look people in the eye, make new friends, or speak in front of a crowd, it can negatively affect your life. You can overcome your problem with smart techniques and determination, all while still remaining uniquely you.

Join a Club

Joining a club, class, or group is a great way to overcome your shyness. The key here is that you have to choose something you like to do. For example, if you hate playing basketball, joining a team won't necessarily help. However, if you love cooking, knitting, or reading, then those sorts of clubs and classes will put you at ease.

The trick is that you're surrounded by people who share your passions. You already have common ground, so talking to them is easier for you. Even if you're not outgoing or extroverted your first few sessions, you'll warm up as you continue. Just keep at it, because the results are worthwhile.

Pick Up a Speaking Engagement

You might get the opportunity to speak at your club or class. If you're in a book club, starting the discussion may fall on you one week, or perhaps your bowling league won a tournament and your teammates want you to give the speech. Some speaking engagements get handed to you and some you choose to do, but either way, public speaking can help you overcome your shyness.

You should practice beforehand, but don't get stressed. Memorize a few key points but ad lib what you can. You'll come across as more authentic and you won't get even more nervous because you forgot an important part of your speech.

Ask for Help

Shyness really can keep you from speaking to anyone with whom you aren't closely acquainted. It's okay to get help from close friends, family, or someone else entirely. Find the best phone psychic for you, talk to him or her about what you're going through, and describe how your shyness affects your life.

Use this opportunity to delve deeper. You can discover the deeper reasons for your shyness. If there are issues to overcome, a psychic reading will put you that much closer to conquering them.

Try Some Mirror Magic

It might sound strange and you might feel silly, but talk to yourself in the mirror. Have drawn-out conversations about anything you like. You'll start feeling more comfortable making eye contact and talking to others, even if you begin with your reflection.

Talk to Strangers

This is a difficult step, but also one of the most important. You don't have to accost people on the street, but you should ask the barista about her coffee recommendation. Talk to the person next to you at the bookstore about John Irving's latest book. To this end, talking to a live psychic will also help, because you're engaging with someone you don't necessarily know very well.

Don't let your shyness ruin your life. Take active steps to become more outgoing and you'll find that your quality of life improves immensely.


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