5 Tips for Having More Mindful Relationships

Published Date 8/4/2015
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Mindfulness can help you avoid heated arguments

Looking for ways to introduce more love and harmony to your relationships? Whether you want to improve your skills with your parents, your children, your friends or your lovers, practicing mindfulness can help. Here are five tips to help you become more mindful in your relationships.

Don’t Confuse Expectations with Reality

It’s natural to have an idea about what perfect relationships should look like, but it’s also important to understand that reality rarely measures up to expectation. You needn’t sell yourself short by settling for less than you deserve, but you shouldn’t allow idealized expectations to ruin your chance of enjoying meaningful relationships either. Accepting your relationships in their current form gives you control and nothing is stopping you from working on the parts that aren’t quite as you would like.

Take Time Out to Pause

A relationship that’s completely free from conflict is rare, but try not to allow disagreements to escalate into something they’re not. Taking the time to pause before an argument gets heated will give you time to understand the emotion behind the conflict and help prevent you moving from reasonable discussion to mindless responses. Putting some space between you and the other person before responding allows you to choose your reaction. Pausing is especially effective when dealing with children.

Learn to Manage Anger Effectively

Anger is a natural emotion and in itself is neither good nor bad. What’s more important is that you learn to manage anger. Bottling up your feelings won’t help, but neither will an uncontrolled outburst. One way to gain control is to admit to experiencing anger. This allows the other person to become less defensive and approach you with more empathy. As a result, your conversation should become calmer, more constructive, and give you both the chance to have your voices heard.

Match What You Say to How You Feel

Unless your other half is a genuine psychic, it’s unlikely that they are able to read your mind. Try to avoid expecting your partner to guess what you’re thinking and be upfront about your feelings instead. If you’re not sure how you feel about a situation, it’s still possible to use mindfulness by simply expressing your confusion. Admitting to feeling confused about your feelings can take the severity out of a heated discussion almost instantaneously.

Don’t Exaggerate a Problem

To deal with current problems, it’s important that you try to stay in the present and address only the issue at hand. If a partner lets you down in some way, it’s easy to say to tell them that they always let you down but that’s not strictly the truth. Remain focused on what’s happening now and you’ll find that the issue becomes much easier and simpler to deal with. If, of course, someone does let you down repeatedly, it's perfectly okay to take steps to deal with that.

Introducing mindfulness into your relationships can help you reach a deeper level of understanding and intimacy. If you find that you are still having problems, seeking professional advice from an authentic psychic or therapist may help.


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