5 Times You Should Give Your Ex a Second Chance

Published Date 12/28/2015
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Sometimes love deserves a second chance.

Second chances are like the perfect little black dress; they are rare and worth hanging on to! But, it can be hard to know whether it is worth giving a relationship another shot, especially if you were really hurt by this person or if you have been really hurt in the past. Discussing the matter with an online psychic or having a love tarot reading can help but there are sometimes when it is okay to give an ex a second chance.

The Scenario Changed

If you broke up with your ex because of a specific scenario (think long distance relationship, job with really bad hours) and now those circumstances no longer exist, why not try again? If you have real feelings for this person and whatever was keeping you apart is out of the picture, you owe it to yourself to give your ex a second chance.

You are Both Committed

If your relationship was great but it ended because one of you was afraid to commit, it can be scary to get back together – especially if your ex was the one who wasn’t sure about a life together. However, maybe it was just timing. If you are both ready to commit to each other now, a second chance is likely worth it. Sometimes it takes time to know what you have and to understand what (or who) you want around for the next chapter. Maybe it took your ex a little longer to see that.

You Were Wrong

You should also give your ex a second chance if you can look back on your relationship and see where you were wrong. Whether you should take the blame on yourself, or whether you are both at fault, if you can admit you were wrong and are willing to open up and communicate to prevent the issue from happening again it is time to give a second chance. Own your mistakes and use them as a starting point to create a more meaningful dialogue.

You Were Too Quick to End It (and You Know It)

If you have been hurt before, it can be easy to walk out of a relationship instead of fixing it. There are some people who jump ship after the first argument, afraid that there are more to come – but that doesn’t mean they are right. Your defense mechanism could be getting in the way of a really great relationship. If you walked away very suddenly and you regret it now, give your ex a second chance.

Major Efforts are Being Made

When trust is broken, be it by infidelity or something much more mild (like pretending to work late when out with friends), it can be hard to re-establish trust, but if your partner is making some serious efforts to make it up to you, pay attention. While you have every right to feel hurt and angry, your partner is only human. The mistake could be sincere – and if major efforts are being made to atone it probably is.

Giving an ex a second chance is hard, but it can be worth it in some cases. Spend some time evaluating whether your past relationship is one of them.


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