5 Things My Mother Taught Me - That Turned Out to Be True

Date 5/12/2019

Give mom a hug of thanks - all those things she told you really were true!

Give mom a hug of thanks - all those things she told you really were true!

It's time to give your mom her due — it turns out those sage pieces of wisdom that you shrugged off as a stubborn child or know-it-all teen turned out to be true. Mother really does know best when it comes to love, life, and learning to juggle it all. Here are a few of the important things mother taught me.

Your Siblings Are Some of the Most Important Friends You'll Have

When you're a child, your siblings can be your fiercest frenemies. If you're younger, you likely struggle to keep up while battling the frequent disdain of your elder brother or sister. As the older sibling yourself, it's hard to include that uncool little sibling when you really want to be with your friends. Mom warned you that you should be nice to your siblings, and it turns out she was right. All grown up, that brother or sister really isn't so bad — and they're the only one who really understands the complexities of being from your clan.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Mom said laughing was healthy, but even she may not have known how true it was. Science has now proven that laughter lowers your blood pressure, improves heart health, boosts your immune system, releases endorphins, and reduces stress hormones. Go ahead and yuk it up — it's good for you!

You're Beautiful No Matter What Others Say

As a teen, you probably rolled your eyes and figured your mom was just hopelessly biased. As an adult, however, hopefully, you've come to see how right she was. Beauty runs deeper than your physical attributes and isn't dependent upon what any one person thinks of you. You're responsible for finding your own beauty from within. This is easier said than done, but if you're struggling, accurate psychic advice can often help you uncover your best and most beautiful inner features.

Mistakes Are OK — Just Learn From Them

If you have a perfectionist nature, it may have taken you a while to learn that mistakes really are OK. Mom knew what she was talking about when she emphasized the importance of simply learning from them. It's OK to mess up as long as those errors teach you and don't define you.

Don't Pass Judgment — You Don't Know Their Struggle

It's easy to judge situations and people by what you see on the surface — and as a child, that's often all you can really understand. As you grow, you'll see how astute your mother was in warning you that you can't judge another without walking in their shoes. Just as your acquaintances don't know your inner battles, neither do you really see what each person is going through. If you are seeking more insights to understand someone better, a psychic chat could help.

If you haven't thanked her yet, now is a good time to give mom a call. Let her know how right she was all along.


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