5 Things a Tarot Reading Can Tell You about Your Job

Published Date 9/2/2014
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Go on to bigger and better opportunities.

Unhappiness with your job spreads out and infects the rest of your life, breeding depression, lack of motivation, and even anger. Instead of staying in a position you loathe, let the tarot guide you toward a job you love. What have you got to lose, besides a job you dislike anyway?

How to Put Your Gifts to Work

You need to really think about your gifts, because they might point you toward an entirely new career. Wouldn't you love to make a living doing something you enjoy? You might have a job at a bank while you secretly dream of being a writer. Maybe you're in hospitality but want to branch out and open your own bed and breakfast. During your tarot reading, you should discuss your biggest passions. With the help of the cards, you can get the confidence you need to follow your dreams instead of someone else's expectations.

Where Your Strengths Lie

What are your strengths? You get that question in interviews all the time, but then it's tempting to give the answers that paint you in the best light. It's just you and your tarot reader now, however, and there's no hiring manager to impress. Let the cards reveal your strengths. Some enviable draws include:

  • The Chariot, which speaks highly of your determination.
  • The Three of Pentacles, which suggests that you're great in a team and collaborate well with others, thus proving you're a good communicator as well.
  • The Emperor, which proves that you're ready for leadership.
  • And the Eight of Pentacles, which is indicative of your developmental strengths and education.

Which Direction You Should Turn

The cards can also show your best options in the job market. What you find might point you toward a completely different path. For example, the Ace of Pentacles may mean that you need to venture toward a new opportunity, although it can also mean you'll finally receive a promotion or new position in your current job. If you get the Eight of Wands, it can point you toward opportunities abroad, so you might consider traveling. With the Two of Cups, however, you have incentive to start your own business.

How to Improve Your Chances

Just as you have to pinpoint your strengths, you also need to acknowledge any professional weaknesses. The cards can show you where to improve as well, but you have to stay honest. If you want to enjoy an authentic psychic reading, be authentic yourself. Admit that you have trouble taking direction, working ahead, or accepting criticism, so that you can learn how to improve those qualities.

How to Grow

In much the same vein, your reading can show you how to grow. If you're open to personal growth and improvement, there's no reason you can't find the job of your dreams. Ask how you can make yourself look better in front of hiring managers and new employers, but be willing change for the better. Look out for the Six of Wands, which can suggest recognition.

If you're unhappy in your job, take steps to change your situation for the better. Are you ready to see what the cards have to say?


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