5 Things a Psychic Medium Can Help You Say to a Deceased Loved One

Published Date 5/15/2014
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Finding closure after the death of a loved one.

The death of a loved one is never easy. It's especially difficult when their passing comes out of the blue, leaving you no time to say your goodbyes or experience any kind of closure. With the help of a psychic, you can reach out and share feelings of love, sorrow, anger, anguish, or farewell with the person who passed on to the other side.

Reconnecting is the First Step

After death communication is often extremely healthy and helpful. Having your loved one unexpectedly torn out of your life leaves you feeling shocked, saddened, angry, and even betrayed. You didn't get to say your final goodbye, and although wakes, viewings, and funerals are important aspects of dealing with your grief, you may not have gotten to say the things you needed to share.

Inviting a psychic medium reading lets you give voice to all the things left unsaid. Before the reading, find out what you need to reconnect. Some psychics need nothing but your presence while others may ask for a photo, an article of clothing, or another personal item. You should also decide if you want to invite other family members and friends or experience this on your own. Then, think about the things you want to say during your reading.

Dealing with Guilt

Feelings of guilt are natural after the death of a loved one. Unexpected deaths create guilt because you wonder what you could have done to prevent anything bad from happening. What if you'd taken the car? What if you'd spent five more minutes together over morning coffee, would it have changed anything?

During your reading, the psychic channeling your loved one can let him or her know that you feel guilty. More likely than not, you'll receive positive messages in return, absolving you from any guilt. Your loved one's death was not your fault, and knowing the person doesn't hold you accountable will help you heal.

Venting Anger

Anger is another common emotion after the death of someone you love, especially with an unexpected death. You're angry because the person who meant so much to you is gone, you didn't get to say goodbye, and you had no way to prepare for it. Don't feel dismayed by your anger; it's one of the natural stages of grief. Your loved one won't hold it against you, so you should feel free to vent.

Sharing Positive Emotions

It's also natural to simply feel love. You're sad, but you may simply want to let your departed loved one know that you care. Take this opportunity to share your good feelings, to say “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “I'll never forget you.”

Sending Personal Messages Beyond

During your psychic chat, you can also share personal messages with the person who passed. You can use the opportunity to share news about other family members and friends. Let your loved one know about a daughter's graduation, a son's engagement, or even a new promotion. Share a personal memory, such as the first time you met or your favorite anecdote. This will help you feel closer and connected.

Communicating with your loved one can help you find closure and move on. What would you like to say to someone you're missing?


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Bosniabutterfly: I am a huge believer in Mediumship & go to demonstrations often, as well as having private readings. However, I find this article rather confusing because in my experience, our loved ones are fully aware of everything that occurs in our lives & will often prove it through their messages...

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