5 Strategies to Turn Failure into Success

Published Date 8/18/2014
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Sometimes failure is its own form of success.

Failure isn't really failure at all, it's just a different opportunity for success. Of course, that's very easy to say, but when you're standing there looking at the failure of a plan or an idea, it's harder to believe that you'll ever be truly successful. Don't give in to defeat and negative self-talk, and never let yourself quit just because you didn't do something perfectly the first time you tried.

Learn from Your Mistakes

You have to learn from your mistakes. There's no shame in making them, because everyone does. Maybe you lost a friend because you talked behind her back. Perhaps you overestimated an idea you pushed at work. You may even have failed at a weight loss goal. Mistakes are only demotivating if you let them demotivate you. When you view every mistake as a learning opportunity, you do yourself a greater service.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why did your goal fail?
  • Where could you improve?
  • Was there something more you could have done?
  • Do you need to tweak your goal or rework it entirely?

Get Help Dealing with Anxiety

Of course, that's sometimes easier said than done. Some people feel anxious when they fail or make a mistake. That's completely natural, but it's also unnecessary. Failing at something does not make you a failure, it just means that something you tried didn't work the way you expected. You may need someone to help you realize that.

Try treating yourself to psychic phone readings any time you feel this anxiety take hold of you. Let your psychic guide you through your trial-and-error processes. Explain where you made mistakes and how you failed, and detail all your feelings. With strong intuition and a thoughtful, guiding hand, your psychic can help you see the opportunities that arise out of failures.

Improve the Things that Aren't Perfect

Once you realize that anxiety is your enemy, you can really work toward improvement. Take a look at the situation at hand. What failed? What didn't work properly? All you have to do is look for the weaknesses in your goal or project. Make improvements on what didn't work. If you went about it entirely the wrong way, no problem! Just rework your idea, whether it's a money-saving goal or an incentive program at the office.

Let Your Failures Motivate You

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently,” said Henry Ford, one of the greatest businessmen of the 19th and 20th centuries. You need to take this quote to heart and allow your failure to serve as motivation. Are there people telling you that you can't do what you're setting out to do? Prove them wrong. Get it right, no matter how many times you have to try.

Keep Being Enthusiastic

Here's another quote for you: Just Do It. Take Nike's famed motto to heart, and work with enthusiasm. If failing at something makes you feel like a failure, then you're more likely to start moping around in a depression. Stop, now. Enthusiasm wins every time, so if you approach your goals like a winner, you will succeed. If you need to rework your ideas, have a tarot reading to show you the right course of action.

Don't let failure defeat you, because you're so much better than that. What drives you to succeed?


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