5 Signs You've Found A Soul Mate by Psychic Darius

Published Date 11/13/2018
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

A Soulmate is the missing piece to your puzzle!

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Throughout each of our lives, we cross paths with people of all walks of life. Many of them are acquaintances that come and go, and some of them are friends who after a few years, grow apart due to the life changes of “growing up”. And there’s the select few who show up in our lives like pure magic!

Soul Mates are the highly sought out type of people we want to lock arms with. They can show up as family members, life-long friends, and potential romantic partners. However, over the past few years, many people have not only made it a commitment to seek these individuals out, but also have a challenging time where to start.

So what’s the difference between a good friend and a Soul Mate?  Here are five signs to look for:

Piece to Your Puzzle
Very much like the Ying Yang in Daoist philosophy, the qualities and tendencies between Soul Mates naturally complements each other! While one may have strengths in specific subjects, the other one makes up for the weaknesses. In team efforts, two Soul Mates make for a devastating combination! 

Instantly Relatable 
From the moment of their first contact, Soul Mates are immediately surprised with how many common interests they share! It’s almost as if they’re immediate best friends! The sharing of ideas, excitement, and even their greatest secrets come with relative ease.

Past Life Connections
On some occasions, Soul Mates that meet for the first time will feel as if they’ve met once before. Déjà vu becomes a common trend, along with shared dreams and similar memories of past lives. All these experiences have a high potential of bringing such these people closer than ever.

Energetic Resonance
This is perhaps one the most challenging things to explain. The indescribable feeling that this one person (or group) feels just right. We want to surround ourselves with them. When Soul Mates are together, it’s almost as if they long-lost relatives. When one starts a sentence, the others can finish it. When one feels distressed, the others can sense this and respond accordingly. Their connection feels almost as natural as breathing.

Life-Long Connection
Be it through marriage, or life-lasting friendships, Soul Mates are here to stay! They are the type of people who want to do LIFE with you! Their unflinching commitment to remaining in your life, even from afar, remains throughout this lifetime (and perhaps beyond)! Expect plenty of epic experiences and cherished memories with these people!

We all strive to discover people of like-mind, who resonate with us on levels that most people would never understand. Your tribe is out there, and these soul mates are simply waiting for that connection. Be open, be enthusiastic, and once they show up, allow these individuals into your space with open arms.

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