5 Signs You're Ready to Have Children

Published Date 7/18/2014
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There's no snooze button on the biological clock.

They say you're never really ready for a baby, because even when you feel financially, emotionally, and mentally stable, nothing can prepare you for the physical presence of a child. That being said, you still know when you want one—and when you don't. Becoming a parent is a beautiful thing, but you need to make sure you're ready for such a life-changing commitment.

Your Biological Clock Permanently Goes Off

Past a certain age, whatever your relationship status, you'll start hearing about your biological clock. Your parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, and random acquaintances will remind you that you're not getting any younger. You'll hear lots of comments about your biological clock, but ignore those. You do have a biological clock, but you're the only person who knows what it's saying.

At some point, you'll come down with baby fever. Every child on the street and in the magazines will look adorable, and you'll want one of your own. How do you know when it's real? When it doesn't pass. The alarm goes off, but there's no “snooze” button.

You're in the Right Place

You're ready to have a baby when you're happy with exactly where you are. Your emotions are stable, your finances please you, and you feel strong. You're not feeling this way because of pressure or a sense that time is ticking down. You just know that you feel good about yourself, your life, and your job, and you're ready to become a parent. To make sure these aren't false feelings, set up several psychic phone readings. Discuss how you feel, where you are in your life, and any residual fears or worries you have about the idea of parenthood.

You're Comfortable in Your Relationship

Your relationship is also an important factor. You have to feel completely fulfilled, whatever the state of your relationship. Maybe you're married, maybe you're just in a long-term, serious relationship, or maybe you're single but want to parent that way. As long as this feels right to you, you're ready.

You're Ready for the Sacrifices

Babies need lots of sacrifices. You're no longer first. You have to sacrifice money, time, and even some ambitions. You'll have to take time off work, stop going out all the time, quit shopping for serious luxuries, and you won't get a lot of sleep for a while. If none of this bothers you, then you'll make a fabulous parent.

You're Doing It for the Right Reasons

Even if all these signs hold true, however, you have to want a baby for the right reasons. You cannot, for instance, plan to have a child in hopes of holding together a failing relationship or “trapping” your partner for the long haul. You also shouldn't have a baby because you're yearning for unconditional love. If you fear these are your motivations, an in-depth conversation with a live psychic can help you put things in perspective. You can find alternative options for fulfillment, or discover what steps you can take to really, truly prepare for a baby.

Having a baby is wonderful! It's a joyous little miracle but you have to feel ready. Are you?


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