5 Signs That You're in a Bad Relationship

Published Date 10/20/2014
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Some fights indicate deeper relationship problems.

No relationship is perfect, but there are some signs of a bad relationship that you shouldn’t ignore. These indicators let you know that your love life is on the rocks and needs a little TLC. While some may signal an end to the relationship, others are repairable with the proper care.

You Don’t Trust Each Other

Healthy relationships involve mutual trust. You should feel confident that your significant other isn’t going to hurt you and he or she should feel the same way. If one or both of you are suspicious and untrusting, it spells disaster for your relationship. If you want to work through this problem, you need to identify the source of your mistrust. If you can’t trust your current beau because your last one cheated on you, the sentiment is misplaced and it’s time to give your current relationship a real chance.

The Relationship is Wildly Unbalanced

In most relationships today, there’s a healthy balance between men and women. Most couples take turns paying for dates, spending the night at each other’s’ apartments, and doing favors for one another. Other arrangements are fine, but you should discuss them and make sure you both prefer a shift in balance. Perhaps one pays for all the dates, but the other always cooks when you eat in. If you’re forced into an unbalanced situation, you should get out rather than get used. A live psychic can help you identify problematic areas.

You Use Insults to Encourage Change

If you hope that criticizing your boyfriend’s beard will get him to shave, or that telling your friends how disgusting his apartment is will make him clean, you’re going at your goals the wrong way. In a healthy relationship, you’ll accept one another, flaws and all. If, however, there are some problem areas that you want your significant other to work on, it’s much better to tell him privately and politely that you’d feel more comfortable walking barefoot on carpets that are vacuumed.

You’re Losing Friends

If your significant other is controlling who you’re friends with, you have a major problem. It’s natural in the first heady weeks of a new relationship to spend less time with friends, but this should balance out over time. You should never be made to give up friends entirely because of a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend or because you’re given a curfew and forbidden to go out.

You Feel Pressured to Change

If your relationship is making you feel depressed or unhappy with yourself, you’re probably not in a good situation. If your partner is encouraging healthy, reasonable changes, like giving up drugs or overconsumption of alcohol, then it may be okay to make the effort to be a better person for him or her. Most changes, however, are unreasonable. A quick psychic phone call can help you sort out which changes are good and which will destroy your future.

If you’re in a troublesome relationship, you should identify your trouble spots and act now to remedy the problem or move on.


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