5 Signs That He's Never Leaving His Wife for You

Published Date 5/7/2014
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Being with a married man can end in pain and heartbreak.

Dating a married man is never easy, in part because it often doesn't end well. Once you're caught up in this kind of relationship, it's hard to recognize even the brightest signs that your lover has no intention of leaving his wife or ending his marriage to start a genuine relationship with you. Doing so is imperative, however, because you need to remember that your happiness and self-respect are at risk here.

He Never Follows Through on Promises

He tells you constantly that it's only a matter of time before he walks away, files the papers, shows up on your doorstep with suitcases in hand. You hear it all the time, and it's natural to want to believe him. However, realize what year it is. Divorce is a process that can take a very long time.

He Swears He's not Happy

Most married men who are having affairs will tell the women with whom they're in relationships that they've never been happy. Within the first few moments of meeting, did your boyfriend tell you everything bad about his marriage? You have to ask yourself, if he's not happy, why did he only ostensibly take steps toward correcting this problem when he met you? Is it true love or a perfect opportunity?

These questions are confusing, so if you're having trouble sorting truth from emotion, you could really benefit from having a psychic chat online. In the privacy of your own home, you can discuss your fears and worries with someone who can intuit the truth of the matter.

There's Always an Excuse

He can't leave yet because his wife is unstable, ill, dealing with a death in her family, or because his lawyer advises him to stay. He's staying just a little longer because of the kids, because he doesn't want them to grow up without their father. There are delicate financial issues to consider before he can just walk away. The point is, there's always an excuse. They make lots of sense on the surface, and they make you feel guilty for pressing the issue—which may well be the point.

He's Cheated Before

You may discover this through full confession or coincidentally, but it's a huge sign either way. Don't assume you can overlook it just because he tells you himself. Although it's not true that everyone who cheats once will do it again, it's still a serious red flag. If this isn't his first affair, you have to wonder if there's hope for the relationship even if he leaves his wife.

He Still Acts Married

If, at any point, you see your boyfriend out with his wife, or with his wife and children, it's a jolt. You're seeing a family together, acting as a family unit. There are certain things that can happen during the course of your relationship with him that will make it clear he's never leaving. What if his wife gets pregnant again? What if they renew their wedding vows, or go on a second honeymoon? Whether you have a tarot reading or talk to a psychic specializing in relationships, get a third-party opinion.

Do unbiased people think there's any hope for your future? Odds are, friends, family, and psychics will urge you to walk away.


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