5 Relaxing Spring Break Getaways for Couples

Published Date 3/19/2015
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Take a relaxing and romantic spring break getaway

If you think spring break is just for college students or families, it’s time to reconsider. Read on for five destinations that make the perfect setting for a relaxing and romantic spring vacation.

Tulum, Mexico

When you think of beaches in Mexico, you might immediately think of popular spring break destinations like Cancún. Skip the parties and the mega resorts and instead head for quieter Tulum. Here you’ll find rich Mayan history, clear blue waters, white sand beaches, and cool tropical beverages. Live it up in an all-inclusive resort or rough it in a beachfront spot. A live psychic chat before your trip can help you discover thoughtful ways to connect with your partner on vacation.

Austin, Texas

Austin may not boast beaches or traditional spring break trappings, but it offers plenty of fun for vacationers. A city known for its lively independent music scene, Austin is also making a name for itself when it comes to great food and drink. Take in a few shows, try a new restaurant or two, and make a night of it with one of the city’s many trendy bars. Austin is known for its unique flair, so have fun with the original culture that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Paris, France

Right when winter ends and spring starts to bloom is the perfect time to visit Paris. Book your trip before the prices climb too high and the crowds get too thick and you’ll almost feel like you have the city to yourself. Take long sunset walks along the Seine, wander through Paris’s historic neighborhoods at your own pace, and linger over a bottle of wine with your lover at a sidewalk café. Paris is at its best in the spring. If you’re not sure whether this is the right trip for you and your partner, a love tarot reading can point you in the right direction.

The Grand Canyon

If you’re seeking adventure, the Grand Canyon is calling. While most of the area’s visitors drive through for a quick stop during the summer, early spring is a great time for a less hectic trip to the Grand Canyon. This is the perfect time to venture below the rim and take the hike you’ve always dreamed of without the summer heat. Be sure to book your permits ahead of time, gather plenty of supplies, and start gearing up for a memorable trip. A trip like this may not sound relaxing, but it can lead to valuable alone time and romantic nights under the stars with your loved one. 

Washington, D.C. 

For a more educational trip, Washington, D.C. has it all. From free museums to national monuments to endless outdoor activities, D.C. has something for everyone. Spend a day or two soaking in the history and art of your favorite Smithsonian museum, whether you love science, politics, or modern art, you'll find out more about it here. If historical monuments are more your speed, climb to the top of the Washington Monument or take a day trip to George Washington’s former home, Mount Vernon. A very walkable district, D.C also offers miles of green space and picturesque avenues that are great for wandering or biking.

If you’ve had enough of winter and can’t wait for spring, don’t delay. Plan a trip with the one you love, and start spring off on the right note.


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