5 Reasons You Should Form Intimate Friendships

Published Date 1/27/2015
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Intimate relationships aren't just for couples.

When you think about intimacy, your first thoughts are probably about intimacy with a partner or spouse. While that type of intimacy is important, having an intimate friendship is also important. Creating this bond outside of a sexual relationship can benefit your mental health and sometimes, even your sanity. A quick chat with an online psychic can help you decide if a person is the right person to enter into an intimate friendship with. 

Improve Marriages

While it may seem counterintuitive, having a non-sexual intimate friendship outside of your marriage can actually strengthen your bond. It’s healthy to have an outside confidante to discuss personal problems with, or even issues arising in your marriage. It doesn’t just have to be marriage issues either. Sometimes a spouse gets overburdened listening to problems repeatedly, and so having a confidante can release the pressure of listening and working through an outside issue. An authentic psychic reading can also help you with questions regarding the state of your marriage.

A Chance to Decompress

Let’s face it. Marriages and families can be stressful. Having a close, intimate friendship allows you the chance to decompress and vent about issues that are arising in your life. While they may not be serious issues, just being able to unwind with a close friend and share stories can relieve stress. Knowing that someone else may be dealing with similar issues can be very therapeutic as well. Just getting away for even a short time can do wonders for your mental health.

Power in Numbers

Women get each other and can help each other through difficult times. While a mother or sister can also help, sometimes you just need to bond with other women to help live a happier, healthier life. Other women can urge you to exercise, can stimulate you intellectually, or just give you a place to relax and enjoy other women’s company. As women get older, they tend to let friendships go and forget how much fun it is to hang out with groups of other women. 

Information Versus Interaction

Men typically want to solve a problem, while many times the woman doesn’t necessarily need or want a solution, they just want to vent or talk it out. Men also tend to want information when they are talking, while many women enjoy simply interacting and talking to someone. Men and women think differently, which is why it’s healthy to have an intimate friendship with another woman. Fulfill the need for interaction that you may not necessarily get from a partner or spouse by connecting with new friends.  

Not Just for Women

Although women tend to be more open to intimate, non-sexual relationships, men need them too. Just as women find solace in other female friends for comfort, men also need their guy time to decompress. It’s important for men to sustain their relationships as well.

Having an outside intimate friendship doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your relationship. In fact, it can strengthen your relationship and help you to understand your partner better. It can also help you to decompress and vent so that you can enjoy the time you spend in your relationship. 


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