5 Reasons People Cheat

Published Date 9/21/2014
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Cheating can happen for many reasons

Cheating is a common problem in both marriages and dating relationships. If your relationship has suffered from infidelity, you’re probably wondering whether you should stick with your partner or let go and move on. Understanding the reasons behind the affair might help you make this decision.

They Feel Disconnected

Emotional distance with a partner is one of the most common reasons for cheating among women. Though not exclusive to women, this feeling of disconnection with a spouse or significant other can leave the cheater feeling lonely and hungry for a deeper connection. These types of affairs often begin with a deep emotional connection. The unfaithful partner seeks someone who will listen to and sympathize with their troubles. This emotional connection can quickly escalate to romantic feelings and a physical relationship.

They’re Sexually Unsatisfied

Men are more likely to look for a secondary relationship to get their sexual needs satisfied. They may seek another partner because they have fantasies that their current partner doesn’t want to fulfill. An illicit secretive relationship may be the fantasy in and of itself. Many men report that they’re still happy with their primary relationship, despite the fact that they’re conducting an affair. The allure in these cases is purely physical and has little deeper meaning.

They Have Low Self-Esteem

Conducting an affair can make someone feel very desirable. Not only are they wanted by one person, they’re coveted by two different people. Though this isn’t a healthy way to deal with low self-esteem, the heady results can make it feel very effective in the moment. If you or your partner are looking outside the relationship to boost this feeling of personal worth, the relationship itself may not be to blame. A psychic telephone reading can help you sort out these complicated emotions.

They Want to End the Relationship

The underlying question that every couple struggles with when faced with infidelity is whether they should end the relationship or keep pressing forward. For many couples, infidelity occurs because the cheating partner is looking for a way out. This is an easy option for conveying the fact that you’re finished with a relationship, though it’s hardly the most sensitive choice. Some cheaters want to find out if they’d be happier elsewhere without giving up their current comforts. If this applies to your relationship, it’s time to call it quits.

They’re Struggling with Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is at the core of many chronic cheaters’ habits. This isn’t an easy problem to face, but admitting to the addiction and getting professional help are both powerful options. If you’re wondering whether true sexual addiction is at the heart of the affair or whether this is just a convenient excuse, a psychic chat may help to clarify things for you.

Dealing with the aftermath of an affair is never easy, but getting some clarification as to why it happened in the first place is the first step toward healing, moving forward, and making the right choice for your relationship’s future.


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