5 Key Things Your Numerologists Can Reveal about You

Published Date 9/4/2017
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

What do the numbers in your life mean?

Numerology is a practice of piecing together the relationship between numbers and events. Numerologists use mathematical formulas to predict certain facets of a person's life. They'll use numbers that represent your name, birth date, and other significant elements that pertain to you.

It's not about predicting the future but rather helping you pinpoint your life's path and answering your questions about it. Are you interested in discovering more about who you are? Check out these five traits and facets numerologists can reveal about you in a reading.

1. Compatibility

Through numerology's complex system, you can learn about how compatible you are in your relationship or career. If you're having doubts about a relationship, for instance, you can turn to a love psychic to help you find answers to your questions. You can also learn about which career path is ideal for you, what type of person you are compatible with, or what obstacles you need to overcome to become compatible with others.

2. Strengths and Talents

Research suggests that we don't know ourselves as well as we think we do. Even though you believe you have your talents and strengths figured out, a numerology reading can uncover hidden talents. Understanding that you have these talents will help get you on your life's path, and put you on the road to fulfilling your destiny. This element comes from your Life Path number, which originates from your birth month, date, and year.

3. Desires

In the same way you may not understand your strengths and talents, most people don't always have a firm grip on their desires. That's because our minds and our hearts often contradict each other, where situational needs and logic cloud our judgment.

Sometimes all it takes is a numerology reading to realize what your desires are. This knowledge comes from your Surge Number, also called your Heart's Desire number, which tells you your true motivation in life and what you need to do to achieve this goal.

4. Life's Purpose

Your Expression Number uses your full name to predict your life's purpose. After the reading, you'll have a better idea of where your personal path leads. While your Expression Number may not tell who you are now, it will show you who you can and will shape into.

5. Personality Traits

Everything about your reading will come together to reveal your personality traits. As mentioned, you may not understand your personality as well as you think you do. After your reading, you'll have a better idea of who you are, what motivates you, and what other personality types you're compatible with.

While numerology can reveal all these things about you, your reading usually shows the entire picture of your diverse personality and the traits that shape who you are.

Don't be discouraged if your reading reveals negative traits. A numerology reading is a learning experience, and we all have faults. Use the knowledge of your negative traits to your advantage. Ready to get started? Learn how to prepare for your first reading here.



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