5 Changes that Can Upset Your Pet

Published Date 5/3/2014
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What's the secret behind those sad eyes?

Any animal lover will loudly and proudly tell you that pets are just as important as people. They're members of your family, and just as with most people, certain changes can upset your four-legged family member. To keep your pet happy, healthy, and feeling fulfilled, you should pinpoint the common changes that cause your pet stress and think of ways to introduce them in a way that will keep your pet relaxed and in good spirits.

A New House

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it's also stressful for everyone involved. You know how packing up and moving into a new place puts you off-balance? Moving affects your pet in the same way. Although your pup may have fun marking new territory and your cat may ultimately enjoy finding new nooks and crannies for naps, it's initially very upsetting. Activities such as going potty and eating will probably be difficult for a while.

Your best bet is to gradually introduce your pet to the new place, if possible. Take your buddy with you once or twice as you clean up the new house or start moving boxes. This will give your pooch time to explore the house and the grounds. With a cat, take time to introduce her to her new litter box and food locations.

A New Baby

When you bring home a new baby to meet your fur-baby, you always hope things will go well. Plenty of animals love babies, and animals are instinctively gentle even as they indulge in their natural curiosity. However, it's normal for your pets to get a little jealous. Consider it a case of inter-species sibling rivalry.

One thing you should do is talk to a pet psychic to find out how your pet's feeling. Specifically, you need to figure out if your pet feels displaced or replaced, if there are feelings of jealousy, or if your dog or cat outright dislikes the new baby. This way you can also discover how to put your pet's mind at ease and let her know she's still a beloved part of the family.

Another Pet

Some pets like playmates and some don't. Some dogs love cats and some cats hate rabbits. When you introduce a new pet into the mix, your pets will probably feel a little peeved. This deserves a gradual introduction as well. Understand that your current pet may want to show dominance. It's scary, but sometimes you have to let those little scuffles and spats run their course.

Changes in Routine

Any shift in routine is worrisome. Pets get used to their schedules. If changes in your schedule lead to changes in your pet's, try to take baby steps. When walks or dinnertime routines change, introduce those changes a little at a time. If you have to start taking long trips with your pet, try shorter jaunts first.

Dietary Changes

Your pet likes his current diet just fine. When you have to change food for diet or budgetary reasons, he's not going to like it. This is another instance where some live psychic advice for your pet is helpful. See what your pet dislikes about the new diet, especially if it manifests in bad behavior or a refusal to use the potty.

A pet communicator can help you keep your fur-babies happy in new situations. Have you ever affected your pet's mood negatively? Discover how you can communicate with your pets today, so you can make your life and theirs less stressful.



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