4 Ways You Can Benefit From A Pet

Published Date 8/15/2013
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4 Ways You And Your Spouse Can Benefit From A Pet

If you've been trying to convince your spouse to adopt a pet, you might want to try talking to him about the psychological benefits of owning a cat, dog or animal that can provide companionship. Some argue that having a pet is more trouble than it's worth - veterinary costs and the general need to spend time with an animal can quickly take its toll on pet owners. However, the love and friendship they offer is hard to argue with.

Whether you want a cat, dog or hamster, there are several reasons why you should adopt a pet. Here are some of the underlying benefits of having an animal around the house that your spouse may not have considered before.

1. Pet Owners Are Less Stressed
Psychology Today magazine recently reported on a study conducted with a group of stressed stockbrokers who were seeing little success through the use of anxiety medications. They gave them each a pet to take home for the course of six months. When the period was over, their stress tests came back with remarkable results - their anxiety levels had dramatically decreased, leading researchers to believe that pets can be incredibly effective at maintaining the health of their owners. If your spouse is constantly stressed out, he might want to think of what the companionship of an animal can do for his daily life.

2. You Can Gain A Best Friend
Over time, experts have discovered that animals can truly serve as another best friend to their human counterparts, according to The Huffington Post. Humans naturally feel a need to be included and accepted by others in their surroundings. The unwavering loyalty of pets can help fill some of this void.

"Belongingness is considered a central need for people," experts from Miami University and Saint Louis University wrote in their study, according to Time magazine. "If pets are 'psychologically close' to their owner, they may provide well-being benefits for the owner just like any other person."

3. You Can Recover From Rejection Quicker
In the event that you or your spouse has experienced a negative situation such as a job rejection, your pet can instantly help boost your mood, according to the American Psychological Association. By having a cat, dog or another loving animal nearby during this sensitive time, you can overcome your feelings of rejection sooner and more efficiently. 

4. Your Heart Will Benefit
A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology examined 400 patients who had experienced heart attacks after they were released from the hospital. Those who owned pets had a higher survival rate than people who didn't during the research, leading to the belief that pets can potentially improve their owners' well-being.

If your spouse is still having a hard time seeing the benefits of adopting an animal, encourage him to consider online psychic readings for more insight into the situation. Authentic psychic readings can let him know how his future will positively change from inviting a pet into his life.


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