4 Ways to Remain Civil With Your Ex

Published Date 10/8/2013
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4 Ways To Have A Civil Meeting With Your Ex

You might not be eager to meet up with your ex, but it may be necessary if you want to move on. Your love psychics can give you tips for how to handle to an upcoming encounter, but what do you do once you're in the moment? What if you've planned the outing with your ex to get closure?

There are a few rules you need to abide by when you're meeting up with your ex intentionally. These standards will help you ensure that you don't do or say something embarrassing that you'll regret later. In order to smooth things over, take the following pointers into consideration.

1. It's Best To Avoid Bringing Up The Past
You're not going to want to bring up your relationship and its shortcomings, even if you're attempting to get closure. Doing so can make you feel downright depressed, and you might create an argument if you make it a topic of discussion. While you might want to address the relationship as a whole, it's best to avoid nit-picking and pulling out specific problems, according to MSN. Rehashing the past will only make you both upset.

2. Don't Talk About Moving On
Sure, you might be completely happy with your love life as it is, but what if he hasn't moved on from your relationship? Perhaps there are lingering feelings, or maybe you haven't been able to let go yourself. To avoid any messiness in your planned encounter, stay away from talking about other men and women. Even if you've been on some great dates since your last relationship, don't feel the need to throw it in your ex's face. After all, you wouldn't want him to do that to you!

3. Don't Drink Too Much
Overindulging in alcohol is an easy way to increase your chances of saying or doing something you don't mean. Marie Claire magazine recommended limiting your alcohol consumption if you know you're going to be around your ex. This is especially necessary if you recently broke up and your wounds are still fresh.

4. Know When To Go
When planning to meet up with your ex, make sure you have a follow-up plan to get you out of the situation. Ideally, you don't want to get stuck with him when you're feeling down about yourself or how the relationship ended. It's always good to have an event or outing slated for after your meeting - it'll give you an excuse to leave, and you'll feel better going into the meet-up knowing you have an escape route.

If you find yourself yearning to know what he thought after you meet up, don't hesitate to contact our psychic line. Our gifted psychics can give you insight into what he was really feeling when you both met up for the first time since your breakup. In the end, you may discover that he was more nervous about the situation than you, which can provide you with a confidence boost!


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