4 Ways to Learn Good Traits From Loved Ones

Published Date 11/9/2014
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Talking with more experienced loved ones can help you be a better person

Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations once said, “It is within the family that children learn the values that will guide them for the rest of their lives.” However, what many of us don’t realize is that we shouldn’t stop learning when we’re grown. Read on to discover some of the best ways to learn from your family and friends.

Ask for Advice

Listening to the advice of loved ones is a great way to improve yourself. Your problems and challenges are probably not new or unique, so chances are that a more experienced friend or family member can help you handle them.

If you’re having relationship problems, you might turn to an older married friend. Their insight could help you learn how to be more patient with your partner, or to behave in a more loving fashion. If professional concerns are getting you down, a frank conversation with your parents, who’ve been in the corporate sector longer than you, might teach you how to be a better colleague or employee.

Learn Lessons from Beyond the Grave

Often the people with the most valuable lessons to pass on are the ones who’ve left us behind. Many people would give anything to hear one more piece of advice from their grandparents or parents. An authentic psychic can help open up the lines of communication again and help us talk to people who’ve passed on. Your late loved ones might come through during a live psychic reading and offer their insight about how you could live your life better. 

Learn by Watching Your Loved Ones’ Behavior

When you were at school, one of the best ways to learn was watching your teacher perform a demonstration, then emulating their behavior. You can use this same principle by watching how your loved ones behave.

For example, your grandparents can teach you plenty about being more resourceful. Most of us grew up under the influence of a contemporary consumer culture which valued immediate gratification, but your grandparents had a different mindset. Ask them to demonstrate how to cook simple meals to minimize your takeout bills or to repair your clothes so you’re not throwing out apparel that can be improved or repurposed. Their lessons won’t just save you money; they’ll also make you a better environmental steward.  

Spend Time with Them

Simply being around your loved ones can help you develop good traits. Just because you love your family members or friends, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always agree with them or approve of their behavior. When they upset you, you’ll learn to be more patient, tolerant, and respectful of differences. Socializing also helps you develop your listening skills and become more empathetic. When you spend time focused on your own life, it’s easy to become selfish and self-absorbed, but getting together with loved ones can help break you of your bad habits. 

Remember, you’re never too old to stop learning. The good traits of your loved ones should give you all the inspiration you need.


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