4 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date

Published Date 9/30/2013
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4 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date

What happens when you think you've found Mister Right, but he couldn't be any more wrong? If you're the type of person who prefers meeting people online, you could be in for a surprise when you pair up with potential suitors in person. That being said, it always helps to have an escape plan ready in the event that a first date goes sour. Here are some tips for getting out of a painful outing with someone you thought you knew, but don't know well enough.

1. Go Into It With A Deadline
If you're completely unsure of the situation, Cosmopolitan magazine recommended creating a deadline ahead of time. This means letting your date know that you only have a half hour to hang out before you "need to drop off something at a friend's place." 

2. Use The Phone Call Trick
In a worst-case scenario, you can plan to have a friend call you and fake an emergency in the middle of your date. This can give you an out in the event that the situation isn't going as well as you'd hoped. Even if your date becomes suspicious, he or she likely won't have the courage to pester you about leaving on a whim.

3. Fake Illness
Discovery Fitness and Health stated that if you're really in a jam, you can pretend that you're ill once the date starts to head south. This can be a convenient excuse if you happen to be going out to dinner - food-borne illness is an easy excuse to develop. Just keep in mind that you're going to need to put your acting skills to work if it's going to be believable to your date.

4. Be Honest
If you don't want your conscience to weigh on you, Glamour magazine recommended being honest with your date. Simply tell him that you aren't feeling it and would prefer to go home rather than grab a drink after your meal. Politeness is appreciated by many!

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