4 Ways To Become Less Dependent In Your Relationship

Published Date 8/19/2013
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4 Ways To Become Less Dependent In Your Relationship

When you fall completely in love with another person, you're going to want to spend every waking moment with him or her. Love at first sight will leave you wanting to learn more about your newfound soul mate, which may result in you spending an ample amount of time together. However, it's critical to maintain a sense of independence as you look forward to your future as a couple.

While it can be easy to settle into a relationship where you can rely on another person, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good idea to become completely dependent on your partner. In fact, maintaining a sense of independence can be the key to being happy in your relationship long-term. Whether you're afraid of becoming too dependent later down the line or you think you already are, there's always the opportunity for change. Take the following tips into account to ensure that you're both happy together for years to come.

1. Speak To Our Love Psychics
By contacting our psychic line, you can learn more about how your partner feels about your relationship. This can give you a better idea of whether he or she is yearning for space, or whether the craving for independence only pertains to you. Our love psychics can also tell you how your relationship will fare in the future if you choose to become less dependent and reliant on your significant other.

2. Have Realistic Expectations
PsychCentral stated that having realistic expectations can help you ensure that you aren't setting your relationship up for failure. This means not expecting your partner to need you during every waking moment of the day, despite your desire to spend all of your free time with him or her. It's more realistic to grasp the concept of independence and your partner's need to maintain his or her identify. This doesn't mean that your significant other doesn't care about you - it simply means that he or she thrives from personal space. In turn, this can result in a happier, healthier relationship for the both of you.

3. Try To Do Your Own Thing
If you aren't sure where to begin, Marie Claire magazine recommended taking an afternoon to spend on yourself away from your significant other. This means holding yourself back from contacting him or her for an extended period of time to get back in touch with yourself. While this may seem like a drastic move, doing so can ensure that you're giving yourself the opportunity to preserve your own independence. Don't forget - your partner will still be there when you return!

4. Find Other Ways To Be Happy
In any relationship, you shouldn't be completely dependent on your significant other for happiness. A healthy relationship means that you can be content without him or her around, thus maintaining a certain level of independence. At the end of the day, you'll be more satisfied with your relationship if you come to realize that it's just one of many things that makes you feel whole.


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