4 Tips For Overcoming An Age Gap

Published Date 8/27/2013
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4 Tips For Overcoming An Age Gap

If you've been waiting to find "The One" you entire life, you might be relieved when you finally find a man who treats you well. However, your Prince Charming may not be how you - or anyone else - envisioned him. If he's older than you, others might question your relationship and bond. You might also wonder if the age gap is worth the scrutiny, but who says it can't work? These days, people are finding love in strange places - think of the Internet! However, love doesn't know boundaries, meaning it can be perfectly acceptable to date someone who may be a bit older than you.

Still having trouble adjusting to the idea? Whether you're unsure he's Mister Right or you simply want to learn how to deal with the age gap more appropriately, here are some tips you can take into account.

1. Contact Our Psychic Line
By contacting our psychic line, you can gain the peace of mind you need to move on with your relationship. Our love psychics can let you know if your relationship is a true match made in heaven. If you find out that you're on the right path, you'll have an easier time shrugging off the criticism you receive for your romantic endeavors.

2. Look At What You Have In Common
The Stir recommended focusing on the things you have in common instead of what you don't. There are bound to be spats as a result of your age gap, and you might have a hard time relating to each other on occasion. However, you can overcome all of these problems by taking a few more moments to appreciate what you share, whether it's a love of certain music or a television show. Age can be just a number if you treat it as such!

3. Work Out Your Schedules
All Women's Talk stated that it's completely normal for couples with age gaps to treat every day differently. For instance, he might like to stay in and rest more while you're a ball of energy looking for excitement. Try to find ways to make both of your schedules work with each other to satisfy your needs. Do your best to be understanding of your partner's lifestyle and respect how he plans out his own daily schedule.

4. Seek More Than Sexual Satisfaction
Differences in schedules aren't the only challenges you're going to face as a couple - there may also be a large variation in sex drive depending on your ages. For this reason, the American Association of Retired Persons noted that it's best to avoid putting all of the focus in your relationship on sex. Ideally, there should be more than just a physical bond between you. Try to make this a priority in your relationship to keep it going strong in the future.

You might get looks and harsh criticism from family and friends, but keep what matters in mind - your love!


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