4 Times You Should Not Give Your Ex a Second Chance

Published Date 7/20/2016
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Your ex doesn't always deserve a second chance

Have you ever rekindled an old flame and given your ex another chance? Sometimes it’s worth it, but other times it’s a recipe for disaster. Here’s when not to give your ex a second chance.

You Were Never Serious

If the two of you had a hot and heavy relationship that lasted for months or years, you’re bound to have a lot of history to consider before deciding whether to get back together. If you only saw each other for a short time, you were never exclusive, or you never considered him a real partner, don’t waste your time. You already gave him a shot and the two of you weren’t serious, so it’s probably not worth your time to give your ex a second chance.

He Isn’t Trustworthy

Trust is a major factor in most relationships, and there are many ways your partner can make or break it. If your relationship ended because he cheated on you, especially with a friend or acquaintance, it’s not in your best interest to give him another shot, and if you always had to worry about where he was or who he was with, he’s not worth your time. Likewise, if he broke your trust by emotionally or physically abusing you, don’t give him a second thought. To work through trust issues, love tarot readings can help you better understand how your previous relationships have affected you and how you can build better ones in the future.

You’ve Already Moved On

Sometimes breakups result in big life changes. Rebuilding your life after the end of a relationship can mean finding a new circle of friends, developing new habits, or relocating to a new city. Often life changes of this size mean you’ve truly moved on, and reintroducing your ex into your new life would require major changes that wouldn’t be productive. If you’ve completely put your old relationship behind you, or better yet started a new relationship that you don’t want to give up, it’s not worth your time to give your ex a second chance.

She Doesn't Really Mean It

Love can be fickle, and your former love may have a whole host of reasons for wanting you back. Does she really mean it, though? If she only tells you she wants to rekindle the flame after she’s had a few drinks or when she’s lonely late at night, it’s probably just a fleeting desire. If she sees how well you’re doing after the breakup and reacts to your career success or new relationship prospects, it’s probably just jealousy talking. If you can see right through her or if she seems insincere, don’t give her the benefit of the doubt by granting her a second chance.

When you’re not sure whether to let an ex back into your life, remember that whatever you choose should be the best decision for you. Don’t take advice from anyone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Talk over the situation with trusted friends or family members, or call a psychic line for unbiased advice.


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