4 Steps to Opening Your Heart Chakra and Learning to Love Again

Published Date 1/24/2018
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Open your heart chakra and let new love in.

After a broken heart, you may experience a blocked fourth, or heart, chakra. A blocked heart chakra can prevent you from feeling love and experiencing love in the future, so it's essential to learn how to keep yourself from remaining closed. Opening your heart chakra again will allow love to come back into your life.

Stop Judging Your Mind

Developing a non-judgmental relationship with your own mind is key to opening up again after experiencing heartbreak. After heartbreak, your mind is unpredictable. Instead of trying to control your thoughts, learn to give your mind space until you can develop a sense of trust. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation.

When you're pressured by strong emotion, you start thinking obsessively about what you or the other party could have or should have done, said, or been. Don't push away these thoughts. First, watch your mind in a relaxed way, so you can stay steady, no matter what it throws at you. Meditation is great for this.

Keep Your Heart Open

Once you've taken back some control over your mind, your attention will move back to the hurt in your heart. After losing love, you find yourself vulnerable, raw, and open. It's essential that you do not react by closing yourself off again.

Opening your heart chakra is the basis of compassion, kindness, and being able to deeply connect. Shift your focus from finding someone to love you to finding a way to give love. Love tarot readings can point you in the right direction. Giving love is the path to healing a broken heart.

Meditate With Rose Quartz

Don't worry if you need some outside help to keep yourself going the right way. If you're having problems being kind to yourself, turn to rose quartz. This crystal opens you to receive love from yourself and others. The rose quartz vibrations, at once gentle and soft yet powerful, remind you that love begins with yourself.

The fourth chakra is at the center of your energies. If your heart chakra is not in balance, all other centers will also experience problems. By using rose quartz, you'll clear your heart chakra and improve the other chakras' interactions as well.

Look at Life as a Path

When you gain clarity and open your heart chakra, you can start to look at life, your whole life, as a path. Your open heart is the foundation to live authentically. You can stay open to happiness and sadness, the good and bad that comes with life. 

Your life is telling a story. Speaking with a psychic online can help you understand the path you are on. You may not know at every point how the story will unfold, but simply realize that you can't make love safe.

A broken heart can reset everything you think you know about yourself and your life, but it can also start you on the right path to living fully. Open your heart chakra to let love back in your life.


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