4 Sneaky Relationship Assassins and How to Keep Your Love Life Safe

Published Date 3/18/2014
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Avoiding relationship mistakes leads to a healthier love life.

Several common but nonetheless sneaky mistakes can ruin your potential love-matches even before they get a proper foothold. Instead of making the same mistakes with each new relationship, learn how to spot these culprits and stop them before they stop you from achieving romantic happiness.

Expecting Changes

If you're looking for perfection, you're never going to find happiness. Expecting your partner to change his or her personality, goals, or morals simply isn't right. You can't fall in love with someone based on the person you want them to become.

Instead of criticizing or trying to change your partner, talk to him or her. Above all else, show your appreciation and prove that you value them as a person. However, you can also encourage dialogue about some of the things you need. Just phrase it that way: say “I need” or “I would like” instead of “I expect” or “You must.”

Holding Grudges

Are you the same person you were two years ago? Probably not, because you've likely changed and matured. You don't want people to judge you on your past mistakes or treat you badly because of something you did weeks, months, or years ago. You can't hold grudges with your partner either.

If there is something you can't forgive, that's one thing. Only you can decide if you can get over cheating, disrespect, or a huge personal pet peeve. However, if you forgive your partner, you can't hold onto anger. If you have problems following through on forgiveness, get some live psychic advice that can help you learn why it's so difficult for you to put things behind you. A psychic can also help you learn forgiveness techniques.

Spending Too Much Time Together

You might think there's no such thing as spending too much time together when you're in a relationship, but everyone needs time apart. You need to decompress, hang out with your friends, and relax. You also need space to vent about your relationship. Too much time together can lead to a rut, and you can really get on each other's nerves.

Spending time apart doesn't mean your relationship will fail. It's healthy and necessary. Fortunately, the fix for this is easy. Set aside time each week to give each other space. Spend time with your friends and let your partner do the same. Keep scheduling dates with each other instead of taking it for granted.

Comparing to Former Flames

You cannot compare your current lover to your ex. You cannot compare yourself to your current lover's ex. This relationship is brand new. Judging your partner on someone else's behavior isn't fair to either of you, and comparing yourself to someone else isn't healthy.

To fix this behavior, think about the reasons for it. Are you over your ex? Do you fear your partner is still mired in a past relationship? Explore these negative feelings, then phone a psychic and share your feelings with an intuitive third-party. You can't automatically stop comparing because you need an insightful opinion to help you discover the root of this urge.

How's your love life lately? Do you find yourself making the same mistakes?


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