4 Signs That Your Partner Is A Cheater

Published Date 9/9/2013
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4 Signs That Your Partner Is A Cheater

If you're dating an individual who cheated on his partner in a previous relationship, you might be hesitant to take the situation to the next level. Depending on his past, it can be unnerving to advance your relationship and become serious. This might be emphasized if you were cheated on by your last significant other. Is it possible to get over infidelity, even if it wasn't in your current relationship?

The reasons for cheating vary, and there's no need to jump to conclusions - unless he gives you a reason to suspect otherwise. Perhaps your relationship has been on the rocks and your partner's behavior has been odd as of late. If you're worried about whether he's being unfaithful, look out for these key signs.

1. He's Disinterested In Sex
If he's getting sex from someone else, he has less of a reason to go to you, according to Marie Claire magazine. For this reason, this can be considered a key sign of cheating. Don't hesitate to speak to our love psychics if you want to find out if he's seeing someone else or if he's genuinely become disinterested in your sex life. This could be a red flag indicating that you should simply change up your routine!

2. He's Nervous Around His Phone
In the event that your partner is cheating on you, he might begin to be more secretive with who he communicates with via phone. As a result, he may try to shield his phone from you on a regular basis so you can't see his actions. If this is the case, it might be worth asking him why he's become private if he truly has nothing to hide. See if you can get an honest answer out of him before you do some snooping and invade his privacy.

3. He's Taking Out New Credit Cards
If your partner happens to be in a full-blown affair, The Huffington Post reported that he might begin opening credit cards in his own name to spend money on his other woman. Keep an eye on your financial situation and watch how he spends his money. If you start to notice that he's spending large amounts of cash on a whim, this could be a signal worth noting.

4. You're Always Fighting
Assuming your relationship has started to take a turn for the worst, you may be fighting more than usual. This makes it convenient for him to break up with you if he decides to do so in the future - he can blame it on a recent argument. Authentic psychic readings can let you know if this is simply a rough patch in your relationship or if it's a big sign that you need to think about moving on.

No one wants to go through the heartache of infidelity, but some people simply can't handle the prospect of being in a committed relationship. If you think that your partner can't grasp the concept of monogamy, there's no better time to end your relationship than now.


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