4 Signs Of An Emotional Affair

Published Date 8/13/2013
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4 Signs Your Friend Is Having An Emotional Affair

When your friend comes to you with a relationship problem, you likely want to do everything you can to help her out. However, matters regarding marriage can be dicey, especially if you can't relate. One instance where you might be at a loss is if your friend is questioning whether she's having an emotional affair. You may be hesitant to give her advice, particularly if you know it could negatively impact her relationship with her husband.

If you want to play it safe but give your friend some helpful information, you may want to tip her off to some signs of an emotional affair. Helping her recognize the issue at hand can leave her to handle the situation on her own without becoming too involved. Here are some symptoms that suggest her actions might've crossed the line.

1. She's Withdrawn From Her Spouse
When was the last time you went out with your friend and her spouse? Do they seem happy when they're together? If you can't answer these questions on a whim, your friend might have a problem, according to All Women's Talk. Ask her to observe her relationship from a third person's point of view - can she honestly say that she isn't withdrawn from her partner? As she answers this question, she'll gain a better perspective of the situation.

2. She Tries To Look Nice
If your friend is always getting dressed up for the person she's flirting with, this could be a big sign that she's crossing the line, according to The Huffington Post. Her attempts to please him are a red flag, and she should rethink the effort she puts into doing so for the sake of her marriage.

3. She Has More Fun With Him
Can your friend say that she has a more enjoyable time with her other "friend" than her spouse? If this is the case, she could be in trouble! The situation can become worse if she begins to spend more time with this individual as well. Tipping her off to this sign can potentially help her save her relationship with her spouse before it's too late.

4. She's Embarrassed To Interact With Him With Her Spouse Around
Redbook magazine stated that if your pal is embarrassed to be around both her spouse and her "friend," she needs to rethink the situation. This is another red flag that can signal that the "friendship" has gone too far. She shouldn't be afraid of what her husband might think when her interactions are unraveling with the other person around.

Consider encouraging your friend to contact our psychic line if she's seeking advice that you can't give. Our love psychics can let her know how her friendship with this other person will impact her marriage, if at all. She can also find out how her husband may feel about her extra marital affairs, which might give her the motivation to stop before the situation becomes out of control. 


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