4 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You Back

Published Date 10/18/2013
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4 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You Back

We've all heard this story before - two people go out on a great date, and the woman is left wondering why the man never called her back. This situation can be frustrating, especially when you experience it first-hand - why didn't he call you? Did you misperceive the date? 

Even after speaking to our love psychics, you might be irked at the fact that you're still waiting for him to pick up the phone. That being said, here are some of the key reasons why men ditch the phone call, despite spending a fun evening together.

1. He Wasn't That Interested
If he wasn't that interested in you or a potential relationship to begin with, this may be why he didn't call you back, according to Glamour magazine. Don't sweat it - simply use this as a sign that you need to move on. There's no sense in mourning the loss of someone who didn't really want to be with you!

2. He Only Wanted A Fling
This is one reason that many women don't want to hear, but in some instances, a man might have just been looking for a fling, according to eHarmony. In this case, he didn't go out with you to build a relationship - he might've just wanted to have some fun mixed with a little intimacy.

3. He Was Being Polite
Some men go out with nice women because they simply don't know how to say no. In turn, this may lead you on, but he may have just wanted to be a polite guy and show you a good time. If this seems to be the situation, you can't be completely angry with him for trying! However, it shows that you shouldn't get hung up on the matter if you don't get a call back from him after your terrific date.

4. He Thought You Came On Too Strong
If you were already pushing for a relationship after your first date, you may have scared him away, according to The Frisky. Take this experience into consideration and learn from it for the future!

If you really want to know what he was thinking, it wouldn't hurt to contact our psychic line. Our gifted psychics can delve deeper into what his thoughts were on the matter, as well as what might have went wrong when you were together.


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