4 Easy Tips to Feng Shui Your Home by Psychic Jackie

Published Date 9/10/2013
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Is your home set up to promote the flow of positive energy?

In order to do a comprehensive Feng Shui job on any living space, you need a bagua compass and basic understanding of Chinese energy theory (chi, yin, and yang), the five Feng Shui elements, the four celestial animals and Chinese Astrology.

Most of us may never learn to use a bagua or understand the co-dependence of yin and yang. The good news is you don’t have to be a practitioner to apply these four basic Feng Shui tips that will make a difference in the energy that surrounds you in your home.

1. Clutter
Clear away unneeded clutter and organize any space to open your home or office to positive chi. This is the most necessary and vital step to remove negative energy and increase the flow of positive energy. Until you get rid of the clutter no other Feng Shui will work. Closets should be clean and organized. Nothing should be stored under the bed. You will feel a distinct difference as you “unclutter” your home. The energy is being charged with optimism and hope as you begin the process of letting go of the past to make way for the future.

2. Color
Color is a vital component of Feng Shui. Different shades and hues shift the individual energy levels to balance and create a harmonious atmosphere. Every color represents one of the five natural elements. For instance the fire element is associated with red, orange, purple, hot pink, and strong yellow. A splash of red anywhere helps to lift your energy levels. Pink can draw love or deep affection to any part of the house. Browns and greens are wood element colors that enhance wealth and prosperity. Blues and blacks are the water element, and strategically applied, create a calm environment. The purity and clarity of the Metal element are brought out with gray and white. Good health and protection fall into the Earth element and are represented by pale yellow, beige and earth tones.

3. Mirrors
Mirrors represent the Feng Shui element of water. Just as water reflects and calms the spirit, so should mirrors. It’s not recommended that you place mirrors facing the main entrance of your house or your bed. Both locations repel chi energy. Poor mirror placement disrupts the energy flow and blocks chi. A mirror or waterfall positioned correctly opens up a space and increases the positive flow of chi. It’s important that all mirrors and windows be cleaned often. Dusty or streaked windows and mirrors are energy diffusers that interrupt the positive flow.

4. Doorways
The main entrance to your house should have Feng Shui applied both to the interior and exterior. Just as the “eyes are the window to the soul,”  your doorway is the entrance to all good chi. If a front door and a back door are directly aligned it creates sha chi energy. This condition makes it impossible for chi energy to circulate through the house and should be modified by using furniture to obstruct the path between the two doors. Clutter on a porch or entrance area also serves to disrupt the flow of chi. Wherever possible the front door should open inwards as an invitation to good chi.
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