4 Easy Steps to Attracting the Partner of your Dreams by Psychic Andi

Published Date 5/30/2016
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Have you found the partner of your dreams?

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One of the most common questions I get regarding love has to do with finding a partner. “Will I ever find love?” or “Why does it seem so difficult to attract love these days?” Well, the truth is, it’s not hard to attract love, but attracting the person who you would want for a partner might take a little more effort and clarity or vision. 

When we say “Oh, I just wish I had a boyfriend.” or “Why can’t I find a woman who I can stick with?” or even “How come I always get guys who cheat? Where are all the good guys?” What we really want to know is where is the partner of my dreams? That person is out there, I promise. The problem is you need to focus on attracting THAT person, the partner, not just any person. So… how do you do that?

Here are my 4 easy steps to attracting the partner of your dreams:

1. Decide What and Who You Want and Be Clear! 
What is a want versus a need? Think it through. From personality traits to looks, short term goals vs. long term desires. Prioritize it all and put in the positive tense. Make sure your ideal partner is realistic and attainable for best and fastest results. (ie “He is financially secure”, versus “he’s a multi-millionaire”.)  Do not try to figure out the “how,” that’s not your job. When you try to predict how something will manifest you limit the possibilities.

2. Declare it!
Announce it to yourself. (ex. I have an amazing relationship!) Announce it to the world! Write it down or post pictures where you will see it regularly.

3. Own it!
Feel it in the present tense. Visualization is important. What does it feel like now that you have this partner? Emotionally, how does it feel? This is KEY. For example, “I am filled with joy and finally feel I have a partner, not just a boyfriend!”  Think about “What does your life look like now that… <fill in the blank>.” You must get yourself in the mindset of it’s yours, you already have it! Time and space are just the details.

4. Give Thanks for it… Daily!
Yes, give thanks for it… As in it’s already there. Announce your gratitude. “I am so incredibly grateful now that I have a partner I love, who shows me love and supportive and puts OUR happiness first.”

A few final points to remember:
Understand that Spirit has no time limits the way we do. Spirit can be literal in the way it delivers. You will manifest what you think about. But never do in the negative… thoughts, words, actions should always remain positive! You cannot allow fear or doubt to step into the picture. Always ask for things for your best and highest good. Even lessons learned will come in this way. 

Still need help with how to manifest the partner of your dreams? Let’s talk, a reading may help to get clarity.

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