4 Amazing Things Your Clairaudient Can Reveal

Published Date 9/5/2014
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What messages are you missing?

The gift of clairaudience is an intriguing one that many people don't consider when they want to get a reading. However, clairaudients can reveal so much about you, your life, your future, and your past, all because they have such “clear hearing.” Understanding that clairaudience is the ability to hear things beyond the normal register, and even the visible world, think about how this type of reading can answer some important questions in your life.

Messages from the Other Side

One of the key things a clairaudient can reveal to you is a message from the other side. Maybe you've recently lost someone dear to you, or perhaps someone you love died long ago. An old friend may have a message for you, or the psychic might pick up a message or a memory from a departed family member. The possibilities are as endless as the meanings and messages. However, this is one reason you may want to visit this kind of psychic.

Being left without closure is difficult, yet it often occurs after a death. You may receive messages of love, farewell, or forgiveness. Even when a death is “expected,” so to speak, the aftermath is painful. Receiving messages from someone meaningful can put your mind at ease in so many ways.

Contact from Your Astral Guide

Have you ever heard it said that everyone has an angel or a spirit guiding them through life? Your reader can hear messages from your guide, which is helpful in many ways. This is another way to hear messages from a loved one who has passed on, but you may also receive special messages or pieces of advice from your angelic guide.

If this interests you, then you may consider supplementing your clairaudient experience with an angel card reading. Angel cards are somewhat like tarot cards, but they show messages from the spirits guiding you. Receiving messages from these beings can restore peace in your life, and leave you with a feeling of warmth and security that's otherwise hard to find.

The Possibility of Danger

Sometimes people gifted with clairaudience hear voices and sounds from the astral planes. The voices themselves are typically benign or helpful. They pass on the messages, although sometimes those messages are negative. There are also disconcerting sounds, however, such as gunshots. Although they might not amount to anything, some sounds can pinpoint danger. If you hear such noises yourself, then a visit can reveal any potential future danger.

Proof of an Intuition

Similarly, you may just have a nagging feeling. Maybe it's unease, maybe it's an urgent feeling that you've forgotten something or need to know something. You may actually be psychically sensitive and intuitive yourself, but you don't know what's happening. A reading can help you discover the meaning behind these intuitive feelings, which can put you at ease.

To paraphrase the Bard, there are more things in heaven and Earth than are ever dreamed of in your philosophies. Wouldn't you like to know what some of those things are?


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