3 Ways To Make Time For Friends

Published Date 8/31/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

3 Ways To Make Time For Friends

As an adult, it's challenging to keep up relationships with friends, especially as you embark on a career and have children. However, having friends can be beneficial to your overall well-being by making you feel loved. Here are some tips to keep your current friends close.

1. Try To Make Dates
While it might not be realistic to see your friends every day, Prevention magazine recommended trying to make plans to see them a couple of times a month to reap the benefits of your relationships.

2. Know What Times Work For You
Everyone has a busy schedule these days - take the time to find out where you and your friends' schedules line up.

3. Share Your Interests
Find what you have in common, then use these as bonding points with your friends to maintain strong relationships. Whether you enjoy the same sports or types of movies, these are all factors that can positively influence your friendships.

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