3 Ways To Adjust To An Empty Nest

Published Date 9/27/2013
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3 Ways To Adjust To An Empty Nest

When you decide to have kids, you take on the responsibility of raising them from babies to young adults capable of taking care of themselves. After 18 years or more of being a parent, it can be a drastic change when your children move out of the house. In some instances, an empty nest can leave a couple feeling useless and depressed. These emotions can put a damper on any relationship, and adjusting to an empty nest can take an extended period of time. However, you don't have to let it get the best of you and your partner. Here are some tips for quelling these symptoms of empty nest syndrome and moving on with your lives.

1. Talk About It Sooner Rather Than Later

Ideally, Minnesota Public Radio reported that couples should be talking about the eventual empty nest before the children move out. This can help them create a game plan for the future and eliminate immediate feelings of helplessness.

"Couples do very little planning until the time you wake up and look across the bed and see this person you know that's been with you every day for sometimes up to 20 or 30 years," Eli Karam, assistant professor at the University of Louisville and president of the Kentucky Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, told the news source. "You don't know who that person is anymore because you have not nurtured that relationship."

2. Rest Up And Brainstorm

Now that the kids are out of the house, you both have an opportunity to rest, relax and reflect on the coming years together without them at home, according to Discovery Fitness and Health. It's important to use this time to think about your future together rather than let it go to waste. Doing so may also prevent you from making a drastic, unnecessary change to your life to cope with the empty nest.

3. Accept Your Feelings

The Huffington Post stated that it's important to keep in mind that feelings of sadness are completely normal. Don't try to hide the fact that you're upset - allow yourself to completely feel your emotions to handle the transition. Authentic psychic readings will be able to reassure you that you have a happy future ahead. Additionally, phone psychics can let you know that your kids will be fine on their own, giving you some much needed peace of mind.


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