3 Tips For Drinking Less At The Bar

Published Date 7/23/2013
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3 Tips For Drinking Less At The Bar

You might consider the bar to be your favorite place to meet new men, but if you aren't careful about how much you drink, you might put off some potential dates. People who can't control how much they sip at the bar not only risk embarrassing themselves, but ruining opportunities to forge friendships and relationships. Here are some tips for drinking in moderation, having fun and meeting attractive men.

1. Have A Goal In Mind

Real Simple magazine recommended taking the time to think about the behavior you aspire to have. Perhaps you want to be friendlier, more sober and approachable. By realizing this, you can create a goal for yourself next time you go out.

2. Try A Light Drink

Esquire magazine stated that indulging in light alcoholic beverages can help you cut back over time. An appletini can give you the buzz you're looking for with delicious flavor!

3. Learn Your Lessons

Treat every experience as a learning opportunity. Regard your awful nights at the bar as benchmarks for improvement.

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