3 Questions To Ask On A First Date

Published Date 7/30/2013
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3 Questions To Ask On A First Date

After meeting a wonderful man and hitting it off, you might exchange numbers and decide to go on a date. However, you may be full of nerves, even if your initial encounter went well. The prospect of meeting Mister Right and potentially scaring him away can cause anxiety. In the end, you might find yourself dreading the first date instead of looking forward to it!

Despite your stress, it doesn't have to turn into a disaster - there are a couple of ways you can transform any first date into a relationship. You simply need to know which questions to ask, as well as what information you want to gather from your potential boyfriend. Here are some questions that you can weave into your date to find out more about the man sharing a drink with you.

1. "Are You The Oldest, Youngest or Middle Child?"
Discovery Health and Fitness stated that this question can instantly give you more insight into the individual you're speaking with - psychologists have done plenty of research on how the birth order affects people's personalities. For instance, the firstborn tends to be competitive, while the youngest child in a family is usually more emotional. As a bonus, you'll also likely get to hear a little bit about his family.

2. "Where Do You Like To Go On Vacation?"
This question might seem a little unusual, but it can help you gain information on how your date likes to spend his free time, according to Psychology Today magazine. For instance, if his answer is venturing to the mountains and hiking, you can determine that he likely has a love of the outdoors. This can be either a drawback or positive for you, depending on your own personal interests. His answer to your question can also help you prevent future conflict if you intend to pursue a relationship, which might bring about the topic of a shared vacation.

3. "Where Do You Want To Be In Five Years?"
This question can yield an ample amount of helpful information, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. First, you'll be able to find out what his true goals are in life. Even if they don't match up exactly with yours, you can discover if he's goal-oriented and ambitious. Next, you can determine if he's the type of guy who's ready to settle down. If he gives you a vague answer or seemingly wants to still try out the dating realm, you can take this as a sign to move on.

While it can be nerve-racking to go on a first date, there's plenty of potential behind meeting new people. Even if your date doesn't go according to plan, you can view it as a learning experience. Talk to our phone psychics if you're curious to know when you're going to find Mister Right. Our love psychics can tell you if you're on the right path or if you should be looking elsewhere for the man of your dreams.


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