3 Common Online Dating Mistakes

Published Date 7/25/2013
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3 Key Mistakes To Erase From Your Online Dating Profile

If you started online dating but you haven't seen results, you might be wondering why the fish aren't biting. Chances are, you're making some of the most common mistakes made by Internet dating amateurs. Don't be embarrassed - here are some of the mistakes you can avoid in the future.

1. Writing Too Much
The Telegraph reported that this is a common problem, but it's never too late to go back and delete that novel you wrote on your dating profile!

2. Posting Revealing Photos
MSN stated that if you aren't keeping it classy, you might be drawing unwanted attention, reducing your chances of finding Mister Right.

3. Becoming Dated
Sure, that photo from you on vacation from five years ago might be appealing, but it isn't keeping you honest. Ideally, you should always have updated information and photos on your Internet dating profile.

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