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Published Date 10/24/2018
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What are some of your past life experiences?

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Throughout your life, just like me, you will have wonderful, frightening, irrational, satisfying, and often perfect moments that will leave you feeling happily complete and at other times feel born centuries too early or too late. 

The following are just a few of my own past life experiences that effect my daily life.

I Will Not Slide
“I am the bravest! Laughing as adults chickened out from the fastest, scariest, and tallest water slides. Even my younger sister cannot beat me down any slide. I am completely unstoppable, and this kiddy slide riding a raft down will be no different. Yet.... I am petrified, knots in my stomach and throat. The small dark mouth of the tunnel, the sound of water rushing down, the echos of screams from the rafters before me: all reminders I will become trapped and drown. I will not slide. Today, I am no longer paralyzed by fear, but I still avidly avoid small dark water filled spaces.” 
-1995, Wet and Wild Water Park, Atlanta GA, summer trip with my family

This Plane is Not Fitted for Space Travel
“It was nice to finally have a break from my hectic life. A vacation to visit family was exactly what I needed and being able to simply sit back and relax on the flight was a bonus. It has been too long since I had been outside of Earth. I missed seeing the atmosphere thin, the blue sky turning to black with twinkle of stars, and the relaxing chill from the cold vacuum of space enveloping my body. I was already anticipating the shift in gravity, when the plane leveled out. For a split second, I panicked. My brain searching for memories of schematics, emergency plans, trying so hard to recall my training on what to... when I began laughing hysterical at myself. This plane is not fitted for space travel. In fact, beyond a small handful of space agencies, there are no commercial space flights, space stations, colonies, or regular travel to other planets. I do sincerely hope that one day in this lifetime, I can live those moments fully once again.”
-2018, On an Airbus A320 (similar to a Boeing 737) flying to visit my mom out of state

My Family’s Most Nostalgic Comfort Food
“My host watches me with intensity, suspicion, and heavy anticipation as they fix my plate of food. His most traditional foods are often mocked, scoffed at, and rudely refused. For me, the rustic looking dishes smell delicious. Each mouthful fills my body with joy, warmth, and tastes that are better than any of my favorite foods. It felt like eating all my family's most nostalgic comfort food. He hesitantly asked me what I think. I laugh loudly as I describe just how amazing it is and how I could eat my favorite dish at any meal but especially at breakfast. His fear melts into amazement, as he states my favorite dish is often served at breakfast and used as comfort food for babies and children. Taking another huge mouthful, smiling contently, as I have finally found one of the foods I have been craving my whole life.”
-2014, Eating traditional Guatemalan food with my best friend and his family

As you continue to explore the world, keep going outside your comfort zone to try new experiences, foods, and explore new cultures. 

Take a moment to pause. 
Be still.
Keep your mind open. 
Enjoy the moment. 

While not every positive or negative experience will have roots in a past; remember when you do have a strong connection, recognition, nostalgia, or part of old memory comes to the surface (whether good or bad) to celebrate that you have discovered a new piece to the puzzle that is yourself and made new connections with the world now. 

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