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Which Archetypes Guide Your Life?

Date 6/21/2024
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Archetypes Are Everywhere

From children’s stories and fables, to movies and art, archetypal characters are everywhere! Ever notice how heroes and villains seem to share certain personality characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes even appearance, regardless of the period, genre or story details? Writers and artists have drawn inspiration from the specific archetypal energies that these patterns and motifs represent, giving them human shape and form. Because the energies they represent are universal, it’s not surprising that the imagery looks so familiar.

Archetypes Help Us Understand Ourselves And Others
Granted, we are all complex and unique human beings. But at times, certain kinds of energy can feel more dominant. Something happens that calls forth our inner warrior, or we find ourselves dancing with the energy of the innocent, seeing the world through eyes of wonder and delight. These archetypal characters resonate with our energy, as if speaking to us on some unconscious level. Recognizing and decoding the archetypal patterns and energies at play in our life can bring us to a deeper level of self-understanding and personal growth.

Which Archetype Am I?
Our exclusive Archetype Quiz uncovers some of these energetic patterns and helps you understand the specific forces at play, as well as the archetype definition of your strongest energies right now. In addition, we help you understand your shadow archetype – the energetic pattern which may also be in play, but can be harder to recognize and embrace. But no worries – our gifted Advisors can sense into these energies, both positive and negative, and help guide you to a place of wholeness and self-love, regardless of your specific archetype.

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