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Published Date 1/12/2020
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A psychic reading can be powerful and rewarding.

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The average layman has a small, limited – and often erroneous – knowledge of what psychics are and do. Everyone is psychic to some extent. A lot will depend on hereditary conditions, environment and innate abilities. Many psychics use some form of divination: Tarot, dowsing (rods or pendulum), runes or shells. Others prefer using astrology or numerology. And yes, some extremely gifted psychics are able to work without these and use no tools to provide their readings. 

Psychics are Human Too!

The reason I’m writing this article is because of encounters I’ve had since starting as an online psychic. I’ve had situations where the client and I were just not a good fit – just like normal human interactions, sometimes we just don’t mesh with someone; people thinking we are demigods and can actually control what sports team will win a match; and people who abruptly disconnect because they didn’t hear what they wanted to hear or were told something they didn’t like – extremely common, unfortunately.

With the latter, it would be greatly appreciated if these people would remember that we are human too, with feelings, just like them. To address the sports issue – no, we cannot predict the outcome of a game any more than we can – or want to – predict someone’s death. 

Be Prepared for What You May Hear
The average psychic uses a combination of learnt skills (tarot, astrology, runes) with our intuition and guidance from spirit. More often than not, we can see the long-term picture in someone’s life, and we try to convey that to the client. Please understand that if you decide to get a psychic reading you should be prepared to hear something that may not mesh with your hopes and wishes. Most people asking relationship questions already know the answers – they just don’t want to accept them. And, if you’re unwilling to accept what you already know, don’t be angry when your psychic confirms it!

An Eye-Opening Positive Experience
On the other hand, if you are truly seeking answers and are open to the experience, you will connect with the psychic who is for you. A reading can be a wonderful and revelatory experience that can “unstick” you and free you up to the possibilities of your life and help you towards acceptance of things that you probably already know on a subconscious level. But, to get the most out of it, you have to be ready for it. It will not be like any scenario you have seen on the screen, small or large. If you can forget that rubbish and open yourself up to the reality of what a psychic reading actually is, you may experience a eye-opening moment that can help move you along your life’s path. 

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