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View to Your Hue: Yellow Aura Meaning Guided Meditation by Psychic Lacey

Date 9/21/2023
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Understand the true essence of yellow auras and all the ways it can manifest itself in your life with this in-depth podcast and article by Psychic Lacey

Blessed by creation, we all have a bio-magnetic or auric field that contains seven layers. This auric field exudes a certain color that provides information about the person, their path, talents, and personality. It can manifest in assorted rays of colors depending on feelings, emotions, and current thoughts. The hue is often linked to a chakra. In addition, colors can interchange depending on how our energy changes.

Auras can be viewed by those who have opened their inner and outer spiritual senses or psychic gifts. It is thought that the auric color can give you the essence of the soul and tell you more about the true nature of a person. Let us look at the essence of a yellow person.

Yellow Aura Personality

Yellow Aura Personality

The yellow aura is often related to a person that is cheerful, bright, and full of energy. They tend to be optimistic, enlightened beings that love to guide, support, and heal others. Yellow aura people have a fun-loving nature, keeping things bright and sunny. Often clear channels for higher source energy, they tend to focus on freedom and tend to be free spirits. Life is too short for them to hold a grudge. These beautiful souls are rays of sunshine and can brighten anyone's day. Their magnetic presence lights up a room.

Yellow aura people often smile and bring in joy and a sense of freedom. People feel loved, supported, understood, and enlightened when they are near. Gold jewelry or yellow bright-colored clothing to enhance the auric field.

Their personality can change if their hue becomes too bright. Then those with this color aura have trouble managing their emotions and connections, finding it difficult to discern their life path. They can be hard on themselves and judge themselves harshly. In this space they can often become toxic in their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Mental health struggles can affect these souls and bring in anxiety and inner fear. Fear can overpower these individuals and make them cold, distant, and withdrawn.

Yellow Aura Life Path

Yellow Aura Life Path and Career

Yellow aura people are often seen as knowledgeable and wise leaders, guides, gurus, psychics, and healers. Their path is devoted to working with the higher power of source and guiding others on their paths. At times in history, yellow aura people are revered, worshiped, or even seen as gods. Their path is one of service to humanity. They seek to be part of spiritual alignment and enlightenment to others and to guide people with source energy. Yellow aura people naturally work through their higher selves and do not buy into the material world. They tend to be great psychics with spiritual gifts such as being pure clairsentients, clairaudients, clairvoyants, claircognizants. Clairalience and clairgustance are often in their skill set too.

Yellow Aura Shades

Yellow Aura Shades

Light Yellow

These beautiful souls are always ready for a new beginning or quest to start a new journey. Yellow aura people are hopeful and confident enough to step up when action is needed. They carry no fear or doubt but trust both their path and the process. When souls are starting a spiritual journey, this hue often manifests itself in the auric field around them, indicating a start of an awakening of a soul on their soul path. This is a very nurturing phase and leads the person on a guided journey of self-awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. This hue brings plenty of joy to new journeys along with the desire to share that joy with others on their path.

Bright Yellow

This color has a positive and negative association. The positive aspect of this color, if it is both bright and balanced, can indicate someone that has a strong self-image and is confident in nature. The negative side is that this person often struggles with mental health or depression. Bright yellow aura people can be very set in their ways and be unhappy with everything in their lives. They regularly have issues or drama in their lives, often creating situations to fire up their current feelings.

This color can help them to be optimistic if it is not overshadowed with other assorted yellow hues, and their related thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Bright yellow aura people typically struggle with anxiety and inner conflict. If they are too caught up in dealing with their internal strife, they can be viewed as cold, distant, aloof, and withdrawn. This aura color can be a very harmful hue, serving as a warning to the person. Meditation, healing, and therapy can help this person deal with past trauma and pain.

Golden Yellow

These beautiful souls are enlightened and often walk around with a gold halo around their heads. Those with this hue are often enlightened beings that teach, guide and or heal others. They are known, sometimes even famous, for their work or life path. This golden color around them attracts power and wealth. Golden yellow aura people have many followers and are often viewed as a guru or an anointed person. They motivate, guide, and teach their followers. Golden aura people are truly inspirational, allowing universal energy of higher sources to flow through them. They are great channels of energy and source.

Yellow Aura Chakra

Chakra Associated with a Yellow Aura

The solar plexus chakra is associated with yellow aura people. This chakra allows us to express ourselves with power and will. Our inner beliefs and self-worth are associated with this chakra. This chakra is often associated with the ego and guides our life path. When an ego is big, this chakra is noticeably big or out of balance with various big uneven spheres. The ego can be supportive to assist the person in confidence, self-belief, self-love, and self-awareness.

An out of balance solar plexus can move to two different paths. The first is overconfidence, arrogance, judgmental, or even abusive energy. This person loves attention and can find it hard to be committed to one person. They tend to see attention as love or admiration even if it is negative attention.

The second path is a very weak or small solar plexus. This person often cannot speak up, they are shy, withdrawn, and weak.  Their solar plexus can be taken over by other individuals. Those with a weakened or small solar plexus chakra tend to lose their individuality to fit in to society, friends, and family.

Yellow Aura Disadvantage

The Disadvantage of Having a Yellow Aura

Those with this auric hue love laughter and freedom, preferring to have no attachment to the world. This is helpful in letting them detach easily, but it can be hard for them to commit to things. Yellow aura people might even run away from anything that might tie them down.

If a yellow aura person carries negative energy, they tend to be cold and distant. This can create further inner weakness and depression. When this soul gets stuck, they may dwell on an issue so much to the point that they feel trapped. They often feel the world is against them and nothing they try works. A yellow aura person’s mind can easily create an illusion of reality—one where they only see their limits instead of their opportunities. This can easily lead to them withdrawing to a point of loneliness or isolation. Yellow aura people can push people away with their ego by being ruthless with their words or judgments. Worse, they even can feel that they did nothing wrong.

Their energy can become scattered and hyperactive. That can lead to burn-out. People also may move away from them, simply because they are not comfortable with the over-the-top warmness, positivity, and hyperactive energy that radiates from a yellow aura person.

Love and Romance

These souls want freedom in a relationship and need to express themselves in all their relationships. Yellow aura people want to have fun, adventure, laughter, and joy. It will be hard to tie this person down to marriage or get them to commit to one person, as they loved to have their ego stroked often and by as many people possible. They often do tend to forget there are two people in a relationship. Yellow aura people have exceedingly high needs. When those go unmet, they often can feel trapped in a relationship.

Although yellow aura people need a lot to stay happy, they are good at providing positive emotional support. However, they can be drained from the energy they give away. It is important that they find balance in their connections.

Do I Have a Yellow Aura

How Do I Know If I Have a Yellow Aura? 

A yellow-colored aura is often related to someone that is bright and cheerful with a free soul. This person will often be spiritually enlightened and connected to God Source energy. They are magnetic in nature and have many followers. They are great teachers, healers, psychics, or guides. They tend to be seen as the awakened one or the anointed one. If you regularly attract wealth, flow, wisdom, knowledge and/or higher power, this hue might belong to you.

Can I Have a Yellow Aura?

Anyone can have a yellow aura, the more you visualize and focus on the color the more you can manifest this hue. Please follow this guided yellow aura meditation to help you create a yellow aura. You can wear gold jewelry, drink yellow herbal teas, or wear yellow clothing to enhance your auric field. Please note that this meditation will help you to manifest a yellow aura, as visualization manifests into reality when we focus. However, this meditation should be followed daily or weekly to allow you as an individual to maintain this vibrational energy level. I so look forward to guiding you on your path.

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Lacey’s has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has studied Chinese face reading, Feng-shui and I-Ching to help and assist clients in all parts of their lives. Lacey is a Clairsentient Empath and Energy Healer and uses a combination of TCM and spiritual healing to guide and support her clients.   Lacey is excited to help and guide you step by step on your life path.



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