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Using Crystals for Spirit Communication

Date 7/29/2020
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How to Make Contact with Spirit

While communicating with Spirit is a familiar experience for psychic Mediums, it’s natural for those who are not gifted in this way to want to receive messages from the Other Side. However, you too can learn to open a channel and invite Spirit in using crystals, as Psychic Avalone explains in this video.

Communicating with Spirit takes time and patience. Sometimes it can be as simple as setting an intention before you sleep, inviting Spirit to visit you in your dreams. Alternatively, training your conscious mind to let go of distractions through meditation is a good way to open the channels of Spirit communication. Using a crystal to focus the energy is a powerful tool because crystals connect the energy of Gaia, the Earth, with the energy of unseen dimensions in time and space.

How Spirit Communicates with You

There are many ways Spirit communicates with us. Spirits often uses signs and symbols to communicate without words. Many people report electrical disturbances, such as flickering lights or lights that suddenly go out, clocks stopping, or shadows or orbs which appear in the corner of a room, as the energy field is disturbed. Natural elements – feathers, butterflies, or changes in temperature are other ways Spirit makes its presence known. The psychic Mediums at Psychic Source can help decode these signs for you or open a channel to direct communication with the Other Side.


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