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The Healing Benefits of a Shamanic Journey Meditation Podcast by Psychic Angelica

Date 1/23/2023
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Get ready for a spiritually enlightening visit to the three worlds with this shamanic journey guided meditation by Psychic Angelica.

As a Shamanic Priestess, part of my work is to lead others in Shamanic Journeys and meditations. The benefits of a guided Shamanic journey are endless, ranging from meeting your Shaman, Animal Totem, or Spirit Guide, and attaining personal empowerment and relief from physical and mental pain. Meditation in general is used to reduce stress and increase the feeling of relaxation and peace. Many use it to clear their minds, and some use it to awaken and deepen their connection to something greater than themselves. 

I am often asked what is the difference between meditation and shamanic meditation? Shamanic Guided Meditation, or Shamanic Journeys, is an ancient healing tradition.  It involves a connection with and guidance from spirits including ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, power animals, and angels. Shamanic journeying is interested in the content of the experience and meditation is interested in the nature of the experience.

Shamanic Drumming Female

What is a Shaman?

In Ancient times, healers were called shamans. They work with Spirit healing illness at the soul level. The word Shaman means "one who knows". Shamans gain insight from working with the Spirits of nature such as rocks, trees, the land, and spirits of animals and ancestors. In a guided shamanic journey you are taken into a trance state and interact with the spirit world to find answers, transfer energy, and bring about healing. Shamanic meditation music can be used alongside guided meditation to bring about that trance state at a quicker and more heightened level. Any type of relaxing music is encouraged however what works best is drumming, rattles, or Native flute. 

There are three different guided shamanic meditations that I have used for healing in the past. I will share them with you and give you insight into the different ways they bring about healing. They are based on the three shamanic worlds, the Underworld, the Middle World, and the Upper world. Each has its own special components and healing magic. In general, the underworld may include meeting your power animal and can play a major role in supporting a physical healing process. In the middle world, you may find answers for current issues and roadblocks in the life you are living now. The upper world possesses specific qualities and spiritual powers that can give us a higher perspective and connect us with our own higher consciousness

Shaman World Tree

The Three Worlds


The shamanic Underworld is underground and represents the unconscious and the shadow aspects of ourselves. The spirit helpers of the Underworld often have the shape of animals: power animals or animal totems. In a shamanic journey, one can set the intention to meet their power animal and go into the journey with a specific question for that animal. We can often heal our shadow sides during a shamanic meditation. What that means is the dark and emotional aspect of ourselves that we often hide from. In working with the unconscious in the Underworld we can often uncover those parts and heal our past traumas. The benefits include more confidence and self-esteem, improve creativity, building better relationships with others, practicing self-acceptance, and even uncovering hidden talents. It is the relationship with power and transformation in the underworld that can shift our energy from illness to well-being. 

Middle World

We live our daily lives mostly in the Middle World. It is the world we occupy now. In a shamanic journey/meditation, I like to begin here. If we can become aware that our separation from others is an illusion we can begin to see the barriers that exist between us and others are self-created and limiting structures of our own minds. It is in this world we can travel to discover specific information about a place or event or what we can do now to shift a challenge we may be going through. The healing benefit of working in the Middle World is a feeling of oneness with all. Letting go of any and all judgment of self and others. It is also a place that facilitates healing through forgiveness of self and others. One of the gifts I have received on a Middle World journey is the deep knowing that "God and I are one".

Upper World

The Upper World is often where angels and ascended masters will show up. Visiting the Upper World is a bit different in that it often involves moving through space, clouds, and vast whiteness. This is a place of dreaming and becoming an empty vessel and a creator. It is often referred to as the "heavens". In this world, spirit guides appear in all shapes and sizes. The main purpose for visiting the Upper World is to commune with spirit guides and spiritual teachers. We go here to gain the wisdom to be our deepest and truest selves and allow ourselves to be in harmony with the greater whole. In the Upper World, we can release fear. Fear is the most common cause of illness. It's responsible for emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, and jealousy.  Many people find healing of addictions, blocked memories, suicidal tendencies, and chronic depression through an Upper World shamanic journey.

Shaman Healing Hands

Healing Benefits of a Shamanic Journey

  • Release trapped emotions
  • Release traumas
  • Allow greater access to love, bliss, joy, and peace
  • Physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being
  • Access inner wisdom
  • Clarity around life direction and important decisions
  • Feeling in control of one's destiny
  • More joy and fulfillment in the present moment

Enjoying the Benefits of a Shamanic Guided Meditation Journey

  • Set the intention to journey and receive.
  • Use your imagination and be curious about the experience and be open to seeing what comes up for you.
  • Set the stage; candles, incense, burn some sage or palo santo
  • Shamanic meditation music; drumming, rattles, and or Native flute.
  • Get comfortable, lie down, close your eyes and breathe in and out gently

However you choose to journey, it's a magical experience that will deepen your spiritual process and bring you to balance, harmony, and powerful healing

Enjoy this Shamanic journey meditation podcast!

Blessings and Gratitude, Angelica

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Angelica has been a teacher of Quantum Mysticism for over 20 years. She leads empowerment workshops and retreats with the focus on self love, self confidence and co creating a life filled with miracles. She has been doing psychic readings for over 35 years. Angelica uses the Goddess energy and archetypes to tap into her clients and reveal where energy is blocked and how to use tools to get the mind/body/spirit in alignment.


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