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Tarot on a Tangent: The Transformative Power of the Death Card Meditation Podcast by Psychic Rosey

Date 11/23/2022
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Far from fearsome, the Death card can help you transform past hurts and transition into a better future. Psychic Rosey shows you how in this podcast meditation.

When it makes a presence in a reading the Death Tarot card can dramatically change the tone of a Tarot spread. Even the card number, 13,  creates superstition and fear of bad omens. The imagery of the card is stark, a skeletal figure atop a White Horse marching across the field of life. In front of the Rider a King, a Child, and a Maiden fall before Them.  These images suggest a larger metaphor; we are all equal when faced with Death.

But what does this mean when we're looking at a full spread of Tarot cards? Images of Death bring to mind fear, finality, and endings. However, the real meaning of the card is very different. The true meaning of the Death Tarot card is rebirth through change.

Tarot Death Card

The Death Card in an Upright Position

The Death card has a simple meaning: change and rebirth.  You cannot continue the path you are on. A change is needed. Death invites you to cut away that which holds you back, that which doesn't serve you, the negative that is keeping you from growing.

Older texts also speak of the card being a representation of fulfilled revenge, acquiring profane knowledge, or even extended life. These interpretations are more intriguing and sensational, but less realistic in our day-to-day lives.

The Death Card Reversed

When the Death Tarot card is reversed there are two possible meanings: caution towards a radical change or a forced change that we may not have made ourselves, or a fear of change. When Death is reversed it is a warning that we have been stagnating, trapped on a path with no destination. We can see the signs of necessary change all around us, but instead, we choose to put our heads down and keep doing something even though we know it is fruitless.

When Death is reversed the message is even stronger. The time to change is now! As long as those changes come from our own free will and are made in our best interests, we will be the better for going through them.

The Death Card in a Love Reading

When Death rides into a love reading, They can be an unwelcome and frightening sight. Does the Death card herald the end of a relationship? Is Death telling us it's time to move away from the relationship we are in and try to find someone new? Take a deep breath and remember, it's all about the context.

Remember: the more focused and realized your question or query is when you go into the reading, the clearer and more focused your responses will be. When asked a vague or broad question, for example, “Is my significant other the right one for me?” the appearance of Death may seem like a negative answer; when the true message of the card is that the person could be a long-time partner if they are willing to make a change. Another example would be if you and your partner just fought, the Death card may be telling you to let the argument go and move past it.  The Death card in a love reading means it's time to ask some serious questions, and maybe time for some serious changes.

Consider the nature of your relationship, are there ways that you could change that would lead to healthier and better communication? Are there changes you could make to improve your self-confidence? Does your significant other bring you joy, support, and love; or do they leave you feeling less confident, and drained and leave you questioning your own self-worth? The Death Tarot card wants you to boldly look at these questions and ask what you're afraid to know the answers to. They invite you to seek the answers to these questions truthfully, and without fear or regret.

The Death Card in a Career Reading

Another kind of reading where the Death card may be a surprise visitor is a career reading. When the Death card shows up while asking a question about your job or work life it can make us wonder if an ending is heading our way.

Once again, I invite you to remember the context of the card in response to the question. The card may signify a need for a change of attitude, but it might also convey the end of a working relationship or a partnership that was temporary in nature. Sometimes the meaning of the Death card is exactly as it sounds. It could signify the end of your time at a current place of employment and a new and brighter opportunity on the way. The most important thing to remember with the Death card in any reading is that the change is always followed by a rebirth. Death is never just an ending. It is an ending that brings a new beginning, and with that new beginning bright new possibilities.

Tarot Death Card

Focusing Your Meditation with the Death Tarot Card

Using the energy of a specific Tarot card can help to tune your meditation and focus your energy on a specific question or theme. Do you find yourself wandering through your mind or becoming ungrounded during meditations, coming up with your grocery list, and instead of achieving a higher level of thought? Then using the imagery and energy of a Tarot card can be a very useful tool for you.

If you find yourself needing to focus on surrendering the negative or letting go, then the Death Tarot card is the perfect energy to tune your meditation for surrender and Rebirth. Death stands poised and ready to reap away the old, to make room for the new.

Death is Not the End... It is Making Room for a New Beginning

Now that you know the meanings and uses of the Death Tarot card, there may not be such a dark cloud over you when Death rides into your reading. Death doesn't come to judge or punish. They simply come to make room for new possibilities and new opportunities. You cannot have spring without the winter, you cannot truly bloom without room to grow.  Remember that wherever Death goes life follows, and don't fear the Reaper.

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Rosey is a long-time professional psychic and Metaphysical Scholar at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She is an authority on the Tarot and a collector of rare and out-of-print volumes on the Occult. As a developing Medium, she is a seeker of truth and hidden knowledge, and one of the last true spiritualists.


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