Psychic & Sexual Telepathic Experience by Psychic Michelle

Published Date 2/4/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

From the Psychic Source Archive

From the Psychic Source Archive

As the vibration of Valentine’s Day begins to dance through the atmosphere, energies within the universe swirl like dervishes, intensifying and mounting with heightened emotions and psychic sensitivities, touching our minds, hearts and spirits in uniquely different ways. The month for love, February,  offers us the opportunity to enhance our intimate connections with those whom Cupid has brought into our lives. In my work with psychic healing, I’m often asked the question: “Is my lover thinking about me?” To that, I frequently respond: “You will know if you listen to your thoughts.” Many of us have heard of family members and loved ones being able to sense when there is danger or pain in the lives of those they care for; we have heard of mothers having premonitions about their children and wives about their husbands, about lovers and twin flames being able to sense each other’s pain at a distance. But how many times do we hear about being able to feel each other’s pleasure at a distance? The knowing of pain is as accessible as the knowing of pleasure, and when we open ourselves to each others’ thoughts in this dimension of knowing, which is psychic and telepathic, we can experience a pleasure that lifts the soul and catapults it across galaxies, taking it to a place of beauty that exists as a secret of nature. And a secret of nature is what true sexual pleasure is. Much more than the physical experience of sex, which is about friction of body parts, psychic and telepathic sex is among the highest expressions of Love, Harmony, and Beauty – it is the result of merging thoughts, auras, and souls in a dimension that is within our grasp, yet out of this world. How we get there, however, requires complete openness and trust; it also requires practice and patience. On this Valentine’s Day, or during this month, I encourage you to try to enter the thoughts of your partner so that you may share in the pleasure they feel as you send thoughts of sexual pleasure to them.

Sit and concentrate, visualizing your partner inside of you, or you inside of your partner at that the stage of physical intimacy just before climax; women hold his manhood inside firmly; men, hold your manhood erect while you experience being inside; same sex lovers, feel the tenderness and excitement of your partner’s physical touch in you and on you.

Keep those thoughts for as long as you can, sending thoughts of your pleasure while receiving them – importantly, share. It is the sharing that brings supreme pleasure, which exists at a deeply psychic level. In this dimension of thought and knowing, send whatever thoughts and emotions you are feeling to your partner, expressing your love and admiration for them, telling them how you feel – express all of it – even if there are tears, just express.

Through practice, you will know when your lover is thinking of you, and they will know when they are thinking of them. There will be no question, there will be just love – there will be pure bliss – there will be a release and experience of pure joy. Happy Valentine’s Day! Michelle

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