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Published Date 6/21/2013
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Fyre's pets, all from the SPCA! Left: Tokhala, Belle, Imp. Right: Fox, Bailey

Oh my, you have hit my soft spot with pets.

I'm not a pet psychic, except maybe with my own crew, but I do have a wonderful crew of adopted critters:

Tokhala - He was most the amazing cat I've ever known, but I lost him just recently. Growing up, he and a young red-shouldered hawk would hunt together. One would flush, the other would catch, and then they would share the spoils. That's where he got his name, Tokhala—the Lakota word for hawk. He was a cuddler; would come at the sound of a whistle; could climb trees like a champ, but never figured out how to get down from them. He got himself into an accident at some point and spent the second half of his life with 3 legs and 1/3 of his tail. Losing the leg never slowed him a bit, but he sure did miss that tail. The way he reacted after his accident taught me so much when I almost lost a foot after my own accident. I miss him terribly.

Bailey – He is a spaniel mix. I found him when I went to the SPCA to find Tokhala, who had gone off on one of his walkabouts (I found him stuck up a tree 3 days later). Bailey was skin and bones and had cigarette burns on his head. Needless to say he had severe fear aggression. It took a solid two years to get him to the point where he trusted me. Now he’s the happiest dog in the world. Full body wiggle-giggle grins happen all the time.

Fox – We’re pretty sure she’s a shiba inu/collie mix; a very self-contained dog. She is content to take herself outside and lay in the sun by herself all day. She's been known to take herself for a walk on occasion, but has zero interest in going for a walk with any person she knows (including me). It has taken her FOUR years to actually ask for attention, but now that she has, she's becoming a serious diva. Oh, she also loves mud and will stick her head into any mud puddle available, especially if it’s to chase a frog.

Belle – She is a jack russell/pit bull mix. That translates to 40 pounds of pit bull muscle with the jack russell attitude that she absolutely can't live anywhere but my lap - it has earned her the nickname of Belle-y Button. Without exception, she’s the most attentive, loving, and willing-to-please dog I’ve ever met. If I ever have the room for another dog, I will make it a point to look for a pit bull because of Belle.

Imp - God only knows what she is, but we think some sort of spitz mix. This dog literally her name; she’s IMPossible, IMPertinent, IMProbable, IMPatient, IMPerfect, IMPervious, and just plain IMPish. She never shuts up, never slows down, and never takes no for an answer. She also makes me laugh every day and she's the reason I do chat readings instead of psychic phone readings!

I also have two cats. One is semi-feral and one was sent home with me by the SPCA on the day I said goodbye to Tokhala. Neither one of them will tolerate a picture being taken, although both are amazingly beautiful cats. Maybe someday!

Author's Photo by Fyre x8910

Psychic Source has partnered with a local SPCA.

Our psychics are giving readings to pets in need of adoption. Learn these pets' stories and how you can help. Every Wednesday, check out the Delaware County SPCA for summaries of the readings.

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