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Published Date 2/28/2020
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What does numerology say about the Leap Day?

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Leap Day - it only happens once every four years, where we get an extra day to enjoy and celebrate. Are you ready to dig into the significance of February 29, 2020? 

We are seeing a genuine energy tie that helps stack this year and makes it dynamic in the sense we are moving away from messy situations and that's where this year's creative drive comes in. Leap years bring an exciting element to numerology. The last leap year took place in 2016 and its numerical break down was 4. We were focused on our responsibilities and during that time, we've had the lessons to teach us what matters. We are ready to add in an additional day this year to balance our last 3 years. Let's look at what this means to us. 

Let's Do the Math
I use dates in numerology by adding them up to get a single digit, then I take the entire date again and subtract it to gain another way to look at the numbers. I'm looking for the first number as this year’s theme/approach and the subtracted number is your 2020 Leap Year advice.

To come up with the first number,  I add up the date 02/29/2020 as follows:

Now add those individual sums:

We will need to break down the 17 into a single digit: 

8 is our final number 

Now let's subtract for the second number (ignoring negative values).

2-7-0= 5

8 and 5 are the numbers we are working with.

Having an 8 lead here is wonderful, we want to put things together neatly in our lives. Our relationships need to be in an honest state and our careers our going to reflect what we want. This is emotional and spiritually driven. It's time we are taken seriously and understood. Our intentions are to be seen and our state of mind is serious about what comes next. You see what needs to be done and you're willing and ready to take every step to make it successful. 

I love seeing the focus come through these numbers. Relationships need encouragement right now. Open communication and understanding will be the first step there. Careers need our time and attention. Your effort is everything. How stable you are is going to move you through your position.

I subtracted the numbers to see where advice comes in on how to handle the details, such as the situations that's are leaving us feeling frustrated no matter our effort. With the 5, be ready to adapt if communication is open. And I add the “if” here for a very important reason. Frustration can set in quickly if our actions are not being taken seriously, we need to be able to speak up for ourselves. 

When communication is open, we will get honest and very real results. However, if you're not being heard, or ignored this is something that could throw everything off from your original intentions. We don't want to contribute to the negative. Adapting to your situation will keep the peace but will only work in your favor if you're being heard and considered also.

With February 29, 2020 we can dig into the bigger picture and be inspired. We want more for ourselves, and those we love. We have that influence. These numbers are moving strongly in our favor.

Happy Leap Day 2020!
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