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How Long Should I Allow for My Psychic Reading?

Date 1/26/2021

The problem with short readings

In the old days, when the only option for a psychic reading was to spend time with a psychic in person, no one would dream of popping in for five minutes or less. It takes a couple minutes just to establish rapport and ask your question! Today, with the finest psychics available by phone and online, you have the ability to get a reading for as long or as little time as you've invested in your account. It may be tempting to think, "if I set aside just enough time for a quick yes/no answer, I can get what I need without spending a lot of money." 

There's nothing inherently wrong with this approach, and it might be exactly what you feel you need in the moment. But is it really? The problem with a quick yes/no question is that it might not be the right question. Your Advisor might have answers to questions you didn't even know you had, or information that could guide you in a way that goes well beyond the answer you came in seeking. And if you're short on time, or putting money into your account for just five minutes at a time, you may be shortchanging yourself with a dis-jointed or choppy experience instead of receiving the full benefit of a longer, deeper reading.  

So how do you set aside the right amount of time for your reading? Too much, and the investment may feel like a burden. Too little, and you may be watching the clock instead of allowing the reading to go where it needs to go.

Give yourself the gift of time for your psychic reading

A longer reading gives you time to get a more complete and in-depth picture of where you are and where you're headed.  When you set aside 15, 30 or even 60 minutes for a reading, you can tell the Advisor "this is how much time I have, and this is what I want to look at."  You always have the option of ending the reading sooner if you don't feel like you're getting what you need, but what this does is let the Advisor know that it's okay to go deep, it's okay to give you a broader view, and it's okay to allow Source --rather than a clock -- guide the reading. You may be surprised by information that your Spirit Guides want you to know; you may have questions about what Spirit is trying to tell you via your psychic. A longer reading allows time for problem solving - if you don't like the path that is being revealed, you can discuss what it would take to change the possibilities and influence the outcome. All this is possible when you view your time as a gift that you give to yourself, to allow the psychic process to unfold.

Video Transcript

Karen: In a longer reading what I would do is I would very simply take the time to get a little background information about your sign, the people around you when their birthdays are, and to get all the players on the chessboard, and then I work from there. I would do a general reading initially, and then get specific and allow you to ask me questions at the end, and that would allow a longer session, and for it to just, especially if you've never had a reading before, to just see what it's about and see what kind of information you're going to get. 

And then when I didn't touch on maybe some specific thing that you wanted to know about, that's when you can go back in and ask me the direct questions at the end. It helps give a more complete well rounded reading.

Libby: Almost always longer readings if you can do them are very helpful. Short readings can be really good for, "Did that job interview go well? Am I likely to get it?" You can help with a number of things that way, but in almost all those cases, almost every decision in life, how your energy is flowing or not flowing has to do with what's going on, and I can give you so much more information.

Moira: It allows me to utilize my gifts as a psychic, an astrologer, and a healer, and we can go deeper into the core event and deeper questions with one another.

Mandy: And I feel that the reading is a lot more detailed if you have a little bit more time to spend, and I will still give you your answers, but you'll get a lot more to them. I would say they have a lot more depth.

Pixie: If it's just a short period of time, we can go through things very quickly, but we really can't do that in depth.

Paige: With a longer reading we can get in depth. We can give you tools to change the energy or the outcome of the event that you're looking at.

Moira: It allows us to work collaboratively on your questions.



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