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Next Level Astrology: What Your Descending Sign Means Podcast by Psychic Devi

Date 1/12/2023
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Your Sun sign only tells part of your story. Psychic Devi dives into Descending Signs and how they affect you.

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By Psychic Devi x3197

Many people are unaware of the power and placement of the Descendant sign in our natal chart. The placement lies near our 7th house, our house of relationships. Our descendant sign is opposite to our rising sign, and it can be associated with our shadow side. In relationships, it's often seen that opposites attract.

With that being said, learning more about our descendant sign can teach more about how to interact with different types of people on a daily basis. Here we can learn more about potential love interests as well as potential outcomes with friendships or business partners. We will talk more about the Descendants and their characteristics based on their elements.

Each element handles relationships differently. Earth signs tend to like routine and they expect stability when dealing with others. Fire signs are known for their energy and they want to make sure others can keep up with them. Water signs want to make sure that the person is sincere and emotionally stable, whereas Air signs have a variety of interests and can lose interest easily.

Keywords for Descending Signs

Fire Signs - Passionate, Creative, and Motivated

Aries-Leadership, Discipline and Instinct

Leo- Enthusiastic, Competitive, and Strong

Sagittarius- Adventurous, Daring and Courageous

Earth Signs - Secure, Productive and Cautious

Capricorn- Determined, Organized and Prosperous

Taurus- Dignified, Patient, and Possessive

Virgo- Efficient, Introspective, and Adaptable

Air Signs - Intellectual, Communicative, and Innovative

Aquarius- Inventive, Rebellious and Independent

Gemini-Adaptable, and Versatile and Inquisitive

Libra-Balanced, Determined and Cooperative

Water Signs - Intuition, Emotion, and Sensitivity

Pisces- Expressive, Compassionate and Imaginative

Cancer- Nurturing, Tenacious, and Moody

Scorpio- Transformative, Mysterious and Powerful



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