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Next Level Astrology: Planet Mercury and Its Mystical Qualities Podcast by Psychic Amber

Date 6/9/2023
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Align yourself with Mercury’s swift and brilliant energy with this guided meditation by Psychic Amber to bring its power into your life.

In cosmology, the planet Mercury has a significant impact on our lives and plays a significant role in every aspect of our lives. We have little control over how these Cosmic forces and energies influence humanity but by following our ten actionable and practical steps we will show you to use Mercury to embrace the magic of your life.

Mercury Messenger God

Mercury: The Messenger of the Gods

Mercury was named after Hermes, the Messenger of their gods, and is often presented as the son of Zeus and Maia, the Pleiad.  

Hermes was the Messenger of the Gods with imperishable gold wings on his helmet and wings on his feet. Traveling over great distances with lightning speed, he could freely move between the worlds of the Divine and the Mortal.

He was also called the Divine Trickster. Extremely quick-witted, Hermes was able to talk himself out of the most tricky and challenging situations. He was a master at negotiations to secure the outcome he desired, both with humans and other gods. 

Planet Mercury

Mercury: A Planet of Astrological Magick

Mercury is associated with auspicious occasions and is the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and transportation. Mercury also spoke on behalf of Jupiter which is a planet of blessings, optimism, success, and generosity. 

This planet is linked to a beautiful combination and fusion of powerful gods, blessings, and good fortune. The best part is that you can use these beautiful gifts and their astrological magic to reconcile Heaven and Earth to empower yourself to become a very powerful manifestor or magician in your own way.

Mercury’s influence gives mortals a piece of what it is to be like a god. So in this article, the focus will be on how to use Mercury’s magical power to transcend time and space just like Hermes did.

Action – Step 1: 

You have a unique soul purpose, so you have not come here to play small.  Borrow from the god Hermes through meditation & prayer to tap into the heavenly realms and ask for divine guidance and wisdom.

Become the leader of your own pack by being proactive, taking the messages you get from the higher realms and conveying it to yourself and others.  Trust the information and guidance you get and take action. Stand your ground in tricky situations and learn to become a master negotiator to guarantee the outcome you want within any situation or relationship.  

Like Hermes stop procrastinating, start to strategize, plan your day ahead and take action to follow through.  An easy to-do list can greatly support you to make sure to swiftly follow through.

Mercury: a Mediator Between the Worlds

Hermes was also seen as a god of nature with attributes linked to divination, reconciliation, magic, sacrifices, and initiations. He was in contact with other planes of existence and played the role of a mediator between the worlds of the visible and the invisible.

Action Step 2: 

You are never alone, you have at your disposal the support of Hermes, your guardian angels, and other heavenly and earthly beings. All you need to do is to ask for help, support, and inner guidance.  Do not rely on yourself but look to different spiritual tools like angel cards, candles, crystals, sage (for smudging), and spiritual self-help books. These will help you to enhance your connection between the physical and spiritual planes.

Planet Mercury

Mercury's Influence Over Our Personal Lives

Throughout history, gods and deities have been great contributors to defining laws and bringing prosperity, good fortune, and happiness to all of humanity. The Greeks believed that these gods and deities were not just in charge of everything on Earth but also had control over every part of people’s lives. 

Action Step 3: 

Pay close attention to how much influence Mercury has over your life and adapt to match the rhythm of Mercury.  When the rhythm is moving faster, speed up your own actions and communicate with pure intentions and clarity. Pay attention to when Mercury starts retrograding. Start to slow down your energy and actions to stay on par with the rhythm of Mercury. See Mercury like your dance or tango dance partner always making sure you know your moves. 

Become conscious of how much of your power you give away to others. When opportunities come in and doors of prosperity open up for you, do not hesitate. Walk boldly through those doors and embrace your good fortune.

The Planetary Attributes of Mercury are the Same as the Gods

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, believed that Hermes, because of his role as a messenger between the different realms, could also be seen as the god of synchronicity, and the “Unconscious”. This also made him the mediator between the “Conscious” and “Unconscious” parts of the mind. He can act as the guide for inner journeys. In addition, synchronicity can be linked to the subjective experience that coincides between the events in one’s mind and the outside world.

 A strong Mercury transit will enhance the conscious, the unconscious & the super-conscious as it will positively affect intelligence, social and professional affairs, and relationships and wealth. A weak Mercury can negatively affect emotions and relationships and can even cause some break-ups and losses.

Action Step 4:

Everything in life starts with you. In order for things to change you have to change. In order for things to get better or bigger you have to get better and bigger. Change starts with you and not with the people around you.  Become conscious of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions or inactions, and start to pay attention to how you act or react during challenging times.

During Mercury Direct take the time to apply positive reinforcement to make positive changes in your life. During Mercury Retrograde take time out for relaxation and reflection. Try journaling your thoughts and feelings and see what old patterns need to be changed or what actions need to be taken. Come from the heart. Set your intention to ask your conscious mind to step out of the way so that you can easily access your unconscious mind to release any pain and old self-destructive patterns. Ask your unconscious mind to replace these old patterns with new patterns that will support you.

Gemini and Venus

Mercury: Ruling Planet of Gemini and Virgo

Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo, exalted in Virgo and Aquarius respectively. It is analytical, and proficient in the environment of Virgo where efficient organization, high intelligence, and complex management skills are necessary.

Action Step 5:

Having Mercury as a ruling planet is a big advantage. If you are a Virgo or a Gemini, then you have a strong foundation to further enhance your proficiency in communication and intellect.  If you have a weak Mercury and not a strong Mercury in your Natal Chart, then it is important to look into ways to better or master your communication and negotiation skills.  Look online as there are many free courses to help you to improve your communication. Communication is key to your success as everything in life happens through communication in some or other form.

Archetype of Mercury

The keys of the Mercury archetype are magic, walking between worlds, writing, communication, travel, commerce, and trade. The moon affects and controls your mind and emotions whereas Mercury rules over your intellect, intelligence, mentality, analytical skills, reactions, learning, networking power, central nervous system, and body language.

Action Step 6:

Start some Meditation practices, Qi-Gong, Yoga, and Thai-Chi as it will help you to tap into those different magical parts of yourself – it will help you to transcend time and space. Pay close attention to your emotions and how you act or react, how you communicate and pay attention to your body language. Listen to my guided Mercury meditation as it will be the first start to help you to connect with your higher self and connect with Mercury to make long-lasting changes.

Mercury: The Planet of Communication, Intellect, Memory, Transportation, and Commerce

Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and transportation. So it plays a role and affects all forms of communication, analysis, and perceptual understanding. Mercury is also associated with our bodies, our internal organs, and our physical brain which processes information and all forms of sensory input. Just like Hermes our minds wander, roam, and transcend time and space wandering through all the inner and outer planes, always seeking more information and always exploring different possibilities and outcomes.

Due to his mobility, Hermes was also considered the god of commerce and social enterprise. This includes wealth in business, travel, roads, crossroads, borders & boundaries, agreements & contracts, friendships & hospitality, games, and fertility, magick, good luck, fertility of the land, sacrifices, and sacrificial animals. 

Action Step 7:

Many people complain or feel lost when it comes to their personal success in life and business. If you are comparing yourself to others when it comes to wealth and success, then just know that they have successfully tapped into Mercury to guarantee a successful outcome. Mercury brings to your door so many opportunities to be the success you always wanted to be. Call in the success and abundance you want by asking your higher self, the divine, and your spirit to bring attract to you the right people, places, and opportunities to attract to you the love, success, wealth, and well-being you desire. If you ask you get. Create a Dream or Vision board to activate the Law of Attraction to speed up the outcome.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Direct and Mercury Retrograde

Each year, we have the luxury of having a few months when all planets in our Solar System are moving forward in their orbits, meaning there are no retrogrades to deal with. Because Mercury completes its orbit around the Sun in only 88 days, this fast-moving planet becomes retrograde three or four times in a calendar year, for about three weeks at a time. Mercury retrogrades more often than other planets.  

Psychological Patterns when Mercury is Direct

Mercury Direct means that communication will be clearer, and transport and technology will be more reliable. It is also a great time for Commerce because Mercury in itself is inherently a strong self-determined force that will bring in a new fusion of energy covering new grounds and new ideas.

Mercury is transparent and communicates what all the other “gods” or powers of consciousness, symbolize in life and will bring harmony, focus, zest, and zeal, and it is a great time for business, agreements, personal relationships, love, romance, or making important decisions.  It is definitely a time for planning and taking action.  It is important to balance your energies during Mercury Direct.

Psychological Patterns when Mercury is in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is much slower and appearing “backward” turned (it seems as if the planet is moving in reverse).  Despite the illusion, Mercury Retrograde holds great weight in astrology as it might bring along delays and chaos, affecting communication and relationships. It is a time of uncertainty, things breaking down, and exhaustion of energy.

It is not a time to make big changes or make important decisions. It is best to avoid signing new contracts or making new agreements, finalizing agreements, or getting involved with financial investments.  However, this is an excellent time for meditation, reflection, and inner reflection.  During Mercury Retrograde it is important to stay balanced and grounded.

Action Step 8: 

It is important to mark your Calendar every year in advance of all the times that Mercury is Direct and the Times that Mercury is in Retrograde.  Planning in advance will allow you when Mercury is direct to know when to take action, when to start with big projects, when to make investments, when to sign contracts, and when to make big decisions.  Use the weeks that Mercury is in retrograde for planning, strategizing, relaxation, rejuvenation, and meditation. Avoid making big decisions. Relationships can get very tricky during Mercury retrograde, so make sure you do not have life-changing discussions during this time. Wait for Mercury to go direct when you have anything sensitive to discuss.

Mercury and Wednesday

Wednesdays are for Mercury

Each day of the week corresponds to one of the 5 traditional planets, the moon, or the sun.  Wednesday is linked to planet Mercury.  This is a powerful day to tap into the alchemical magic of Hermes. 

Sundays:  The Sun

Mondays: The Moon

Tuesdays: Mars

Wednesdays: Mercury

Thursdays: Jupiter

Fridays: Venus

Saturdays: Saturn

Action Step 9:

Wednesdays are Mercury days, so when you connect on Wednesdays with Mercury and Hermes you greatly enhance their powers so that they can easily assist you or flow the energy in such a way that you can create your own magical outcome. Wednesdays are excellent days for reading, writing, communicating, listening to music, or going to watch a good movie.  It is also an excellent day for your spiritual practices and to connect with Mercury and Hermes to take you on a journey through the different realms to bring you new ideas, inspirations, impressions, visions, plans, and light bulb moments. Save important business for Wednesdays.

Light a green candle & play some soft relaxing music, find a comfortable place, and go into deep relaxation and meditative mode with the intention to connect with Mercury and Hermes. Keep a journal next to you and write down the visions and ideas you received during your meditation. Brainstorm on Wednesday and allow your creative juices to flow – pay attention to visions, and epiphany moments and write it all down in your journal.

Mercury and the Color Green

In Astrology, the color green represents Mercury. It symbolizes money, luck, prosperity, vitality, and fertility. Green is also the color of healing and signifies balance, peace, calmness, and a feeling of being grounded.

Action Step 10:

Wearing green clothes on Wednesdays will enhance the powers of Mercury as it will improve your communication and organization skills.  Accessorize with an emerald ring or necklace or green earrings. Emerald in itself is just as auspicious as Mercury. Drink some green tea after your meditation and bring some green plants into your home. Go barefoot in nature and just relax on the green grass and hug a tree. Buy some malachite, aventurine, or jade crystals. These stones are associated with life force, harmony, love, and abundance—all wonderful qualities to inspire your life.

Although I am a Virgo with my rising sun in Leo and Mercury is my ruling planet, it was only when I started to truly study the power behind Mercury and Hermes and started to follow all the steps above that I could fully embrace the gifts that Mercury and Hermes were bestowing upon me. It took me places and opened up doors, allowing me to truly travel the world. But more so, it allowed me to travel to the inner and higher spiritual planes to fulfill my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Feel free to reach out if you want to ride the powerful waves of Mercury and let me help you to soar with Mercury and the eagles who are also the messengers of God. 



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Amber is an Intuitive/Empath, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient and as a child, she grew up with a psychic grandmother who passed on some of her spiritual gifts to Amber. Amber taps into the Crystalline and Collective Force Fields to access information using her intuitive gifts. Amber studies many different Holistic practices to broaden her understanding of the workings of the Universe, God and Universal Forces but more so to develop herself in order to support and help others on their journey to enlightenment. When guided by her Angels she uses additional tools like crystals and meditation. She also traveled extensively to enjoy, study and understand cultural differences which was an enlightening experience on its own as it broadened her vision. Amber graduated with a degree in Psychology and Finance. Her experiences of 20 years led her on a journey working with Financial corporate clients, giving self-development, psychological and spiritual retreats, and training.


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